Five-Star Faves

Similar to Practical Magic

Garden Spells

"Fun subtle magic story filled with garden plants and culinary treats anyone would want at their dinner table." -- XB

Great marriage of history and entertainment

The Six Wives of Henry VIII

"Beautifully and meticulously written, and read by the fabulous Simon Prebble, what could be better?" -- Laura

One in a million book

Eating with the Enemy: How I Waged Peace with North Korea from My BBQ Shack in Hackensack

"This perspective on the US government and the Northern Korean way of thinking is unique to say the least. I enjoyed the story and appreciated the empathy. I will be a Cubbies fan for life!!" -- Cody

Once We Had A Memorable Book

Once We Were Brothers

"Wow! I cannot begin to say how riveting, how well researched and written, and awesomely narrated this book was. If you enjoy solving a mystery along with the narrator, as well as piecing true bits of history to connect with the present, you will love this book." -- Kym

I thought I'd read all the classics.

Barchester Towers

"It is wonderful to find this gem of a tale. I will immediately purchase the next book." -- Not happy

Excellent listen

City of Thieves

"I think this was the first book I listened to on audible over a year ago. To this day, it is the standard by which I measure every other book. Phenomenal story! Excellent reading performance.." -- Thomas

A must-read for every man

All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation

"This is the most influential book/piece of journalism I have read on women in my adult life. That might mean I need to get out more, but to say it has reshaped my views (as a man) on women, marriage, and singlehood would be an understatement. Even the relationships between the female members of my family and I have improved drastically in the last few weeks. I'm terrible at reviews, I don't care. MEN, PLEASE READ THIS BOOK." -- Anthony

A completely wonderful story!!!!

The Wednesday Wars

"This story will make you laugh out loud and cry too! It takes you to another time and makes you remember junior high, the good and the bad...and I sure wish I had a teacher as wonderful as Mrs. Baker!" -- Claudia

Excellent story made even better by the narrator

The Dinner: A Novel

"Tremendous story. Darkly funny (very darkly), thought-provoking, and suspenseful. I read some so-so reviews of the book on Amazon, and I think Clive Mantle really helps make this story come to life, much more so than if I had just read the book myself. He really adds a depth to the character of Paul that made it so much more enjoyable. You can almost hear him sneer every time he uses his brother's name. Loved this audiobook. Can't recommend it highly enough." -- Scott

Incredible narration.

Life After Life: A Novel

"I could listen to Fenella Woolgar read the text on a cereal box and I would be utterly rapt. Her voice can insinuate a multitude of complexities in the most simple sentence. The story was very good but made superlative by the most amazing narrator imaginable. She is beyond brilliant." -- Sylvia