Five-Star Faves

Fabulous Book

Everything I Never Told You

"Explored in this book: A deep look into what drives us, and the effect that has on our children. Do we love our children for who they really are? Do parents have favorites? What effect does that have? Marvelous capture of small, innocuous moments made me feel as if I was in the novel myself. Terrific character development. A poignant look at love and loss. Highly recommend." -- Dawn

Listened to it three times now.

A Soldier of the Great War

"I was captured right away by the story of Allesandro and the beautiful country that he lived and fought in. I feel drawn to go and visit the painting and the mountains. What a beautifully written story of a tragic yet full life." -- Dominic

The Great American Novel?


"Moby-Dick is irrefutably a masterpiece but the performance by Frank Muller truly captures the essence of every moment of the novel. Never before has the fluidity and rhythm of Melville been so apparent to me than when I listened to this audiobook. It truly brings new life to a timeless classic. I couldn't recommend it highly enough to a first time reader or someone revisiting the book." -- Edward

Can an audio book become dog-eared?

True Grit

"This was a revelation! Having grown up thinking of True Grit as another John Wayne western, I missed out on the book's humor, wonderful characters, and classic storytelling. The movie is a bit dated, but the book is timeless. I already know that I will be reading, listening to and sharing dog-eared copies of True Grit over the years. Donna Tartt gives an inspired performance. Her love of the book comes through in every line. Make sure you listen to her afterward as well." -- Doctor Mike

Outstanding, the NY Times was right when they put on their best of 2015 list.

The Sellout: A Novel

"I've read many books but this is by far the funniest most entertaining of the lot. The way he favors the truth is golden. Now I have to track down his other works. Make sure when you listen you have something to write with because you are going to want to note some of his quotes. How does he come up with some of this stuff. To write this his mind had to be thinking in some other level. I'm driving around laughing with folks thinking I'm crazy. They also picked the perfect performer to read it. Wow!" -- Gary

An amazing story

Alan Turing: The Enigma

"Alan Turing's life was simply amazing. This book does a beautiful job of exploring his extraordinary character, digs just enough into his logic to make you understand his genius (and his intellectual blind spots), and wraps the whole story in the history of the era. It is a story that could easily be over dramatized, but the narrator does a beautiful job of giving a natural life to the story and allowing it to provide its own intensity." -- Briana

Insightful and Charming

The Tao of Pooh

"What an incredibly accessible book this is for everyone. It charms intellectuals who have studied Taoism and philosophy alike, but it can be easily shown in its witty, funny, and adorable representation of ideas through the cast of Winnie the Pooh that anyone can understand and relate to the topics discussed. This book made me laugh a lot just from pooh's commentary and the banter between the author and him, and gave me a warm feeling at just how simple living among others may be if given the right perspective. This was also an incredibly quotable book that brings a lot of vivid advice to be taken away from the experience. By far one of the most entertaining ways to be taught insight that I've experienced" -- Mark


The Godfather

"Just listen to it. One of my favorite books. Joe Mantegna is incredible. The movie doesn't do the story justice." -- Adrianna

This is an amazing story

Coming Clean

"The author's voice is pleasant to listen to, and so real. I could see her and feel her pain, joy, confusion in each story she provided. She told a difficult story with love, compassion, and grace. I listen to many audible books, this is my first review. It's worth it!! I truly admire her, and her family, and friends!" -- Joel

Broadened the horizon

The God Delusion

"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book and I feel it broadened my thinking. I was already an anti-theist before listening to this book. I listened to this book to get some good pointers while debating and discussing about religion with my friends and family. However, I got a lot more than that from this book. Thanks Richard for writing." -- AshIs