If you're anything like us, your "to listen" list seems to grow longer by the day, so the idea of starting a new series can be a bit daunting – especially when that series is already 5, 10, or even 20 books in. Luckily, there are plenty of great series where listening in order isn't necessarily required. They may feature the same central character, but have an entirely new plot from book to book, or may shift cast and perspective entirely. Either way, there's no need to start at square one. Check out these mostly standalone picks below (we can't promise you won't get sucked in though)! Did we miss any of your favorites? Disagree with any of these picks? Let us know on Twitter @audible_com.

Jack Reacher

"I have listened to many of Lee Child's books with Jack Reacher, but I have to say this was my favorite to date. The story was seamless, very well thought out, and very well written. All of the characters were believable and Child gave us some of his best ones yet. Dick Hill is a fantastic narrator, and did his usual great job. ... In this book we are given more insight to Reacher, the man, than any of his books I have read so far. As with most of Child's Jack Reacher stories, one doesn't have to have read any previous books to enjoy this one, so even if this would be your first Reacher novel, go for it! I highly recommend this listen!" -- Joanna, Audible Listener


"Snuff is packed with action, interesting players, witty lines, thought provoking situations, and enough comedy to lighten the dark moments. This latest Sam Vimes installment is well worth the time and credit. In fact the quality of these books seems to just get better as they go (which is unusual to say the least). However, it is not necessary to have read the previous ones to enjoy this as a fully stand alone novel. The author always gives a satisfying ending to each one in the series. All the suspense and the cliffhangers are contained and completely brought to fruition within each book. I wish some of my other favorite authors could manage this feat!" -- Pashopper, Audible Listener

Dublin Murder Squad

"This is the 4th Tana French book I've listened to and they have all been great. She writes crime stories set in Dublin, Ireland and with each book she's written about a different detective in the murder squad. She spins a great story and delves deeply into character development of all involved; the detective, the criminal, the victims, everyone that's important to the story. She's become on of my favorite authors and I highly recommend her. The books can be read in any order." --- Stevon, Audible Listener

Robert Langdon

"This is my second Dan Brown book and I worried that I needed to read the earlier books in the Robert Langdon series to fully grasp and enjoy Inferno. Fortunately, that was not the case. Infernocan be listened to as a standalone audiobook and is not fully dependent on the earlier books in the series. The story was compelling and entertaining balancing suspense and dramatic content." -- Charles, Audible Listener

The Galactic Empire Trilogy

"This book is an excellent prelude story for Galactic Empire yet completely standalone and enjoyable if you are not familiar with other Asimov's books. Naration is superb. Very good voice acting for every character." -- Milan, Audible Listener

Myron Bolitar

"My 1st Myron and Win story. Great listen. Tripled my daily walk because I could not stop listening. Going back to listen to them all now." -- Kevin, Audible Listener

Beautiful Bastard

"I LOVED THIS BOOK. I LOVE THIS BOOK SERIES. The same characters are in all the books so it's nice to read them in order but absolutely not necessary. I read this book 1st and after falling in love with it I went back and read the rest. It's well written, funny, sweet, sexy, and so so so much fun. Christina Lauren are the best authors in this genre. The characters in this book are the best in the bunch. Sebastian York as Will made an already perfect book character a whole new level of perfection. It's worth more than 1 credit." -- KD, Audible Listener

Joe Ledger

"...If you are a fan of precise secret agent, hugely entertaining, highly technical and sophisticated military, fast paced action scenes, characters that seem shallow on the surface but are way deeper than you would ever imagine, constant plot twists, turns, dead ends and reboots, expertly crafted stories that are brought to life with a master of his craft narrator. Then Joe Ledger is for you. If you have yet to listen or read to any of the books in the series, you're in luck, because any of them could be picked up and enjoyed in any order." -- AudioBook Reviewer, Audible Listener

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