Jilo: Witching Savannah, Book 4

"I was having withdrawals from this series, now I intend on re-reading the series so that I can see it with more perspective on Jilo. I may or may not have used a sick day to finish this book. (if my boss reads this I was absolutely sick *cough*)." —Jayson, Audible Listener

Canyon: The Traveler, Book 2

"I love this series! The first book was so intriguing to me that I listened to it straight through a weekend. I was upset to find out that the next book wasn't available yet. 3 days later it's here. I called in sick and listened to the whole thing. It's worth the PTO!" —Bryan, Audible Listener


"Anyone who enjoys the Jasper Fford books will catch the Word Magic in this book. I always enjoyed the concept of literary characters jumping in and out of books... particularly when I am listening to one being read to me by someone like Lyn Redgrave. The irony is perfect. With respect to the story itself, it was such a great page turner, I took a vacation day to finish it! Redgrave's narration is elocution at its best and is as seamless as story. Enjoy this one Folks - I certainly did!" —Suze, Audible Listener

Paper Towns

"John Green's Audibles should be labeled Warning: Do not drive while listening. The Fault in our Stars (2012) had me sobbing through an entire chapter. Fortunately, I was in really heavy traffic and I was able to slowly follow brake lights ahead of me. On the other hand, I laughed so hard through parts of Paper Towns (2008) that I forgot to look at my GPS, drove far past my exit, and ended up late for a meeting with a big grin on my face, instead an appropriately contrite look." —Cynthia, Audible Listener

My Name Is Mary Sutter

"I could not stop listening on more than one occasion and was frequently late for work as I sat in my car riveted by the passion, compassion, and intensity of this story. Great research that really evokes the pitiful conditions endured by so many during the Civil War." —Midge, Audible Listener

Hidden Bodies

"This book is so well written and the narration so spectacular that I listened every second I got (and even some that made me late for work or late to return from lunch) until I finished it. I was dying to know what happened next, but I also kept checking how much longer the book had left because I wanted it to go on forever. That is how good this book is. That is how good its predecessor You is. Buy them and listen - now!!!!" —Becky, Audible Listener

Red Rising

"Addicting. It is rare to read a book that is both completely thrilling and at the same time ponderingly accurate about humanity or lack thereof and it's vices. I couldn't stop listening and stayed up all night. Make sure you have time to dedicate to this. It is bloody damn good." — Audible Listener

Last Stand

"I couldn't put the headphones down! I literally stayed up all night, on a work night, to hear the whole story! Captivating! LOVE IT!" —Dave, Audible Listener

The Nightingale

"I had to go onto the washroom at work and cry a bit after finishing listening to The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. That ending was so bittersweet!! At least I earned some cash for crying in the bathroom." — biblio_athena (Instagram), Audible Listener

Just One Damned Thing After Another

"My adult children have to tell ME to take my ear buds out and listen to THEM. :) I actually catered a wedding listening to a Jodi Taylor St Mary's Book, pretending that my ear bud was a communication device." — bimmiebell (Instagram), Audible Listener

American Assassin

"Usually during my lunch hour, I go for a walk to decompress. For the past year, my companion has been Vince Flynn and the Mitch Rapp series. Too often I have ignored my timer to turn around because I was so enthralled with the book. Often, I would walk back to work with an intense speed because of how intense the scene was in the book. I have laughed out loud walking, yelled out loud walking, and gone into work many a times with my heart racing and wishing I would stop being a teacher and join the CIA. HA!" —radicallyresolved (Instagram), Audible Listener

The Thirteenth Tale

"Reading is highly personal, we know that what one loves, another may disdain. And so the reading of The Thirteenth Tale cannot please all. It's rare, however, to find so much divergence in reviews of this amazing story. Personally, I became enthralled after the first half hour of listening. As others have mentioned doing, I found excuses to listen. My sessions at the gym lengthened, I drove the long way home instead of taking the shortcut and I hung on every sentence. The narration is absolutely perfect for the story. Let's hope the author is hard at work on her next." —Marilee, Audible Listener


"I listen while commuting and several times I found myself driving more slowly than usual or taking the long way home! I was actually looking forward to the drive home and it made sitting in traffic bearable. The narrator does a fantastic job and the story is exciting and fun." —Chibina, Audible Listener

Gone Girl

"Waiting for my flight listening to Gone Girl. I missed boarding and them calling my name over the intercom 3 times. mind you, I was sitting next to the gate (looking outside onto the Tarmac). I did make my flight thankfully." — bebe.dani (Instagram), Audible Listener

The Book Thief

"I was driving home from a town about 30 miles away.. listening to The Book Thief...and got to a super sad part and was crying so hard I had to pull over because I couldn't see the road! I sat on the side of the road for another 15 min. to finish the chapter and recuperate!" —bekkaroo (Instagram), Audible Listener


"Call in sick to work..you need to listen! WOW - what a great way to spend 19 hours. I enjoyed every minute. This is one of those books you'll sit in your car even after you get to where you're going, you'll want to call in sick just so you have the time to listen, go to bed early so you have the peace & quiet to really enjoy." —Lisa, Audible Listener

United States of Apocalypse

"WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Do to not tamper with this remarkable product unless you can call in sick until the story is over!! ... In United States of the Apocalypse is not 'telling': It is an EXPERIENCE. It is an experience that sucks you in like a giant vacuum cleaner from the first paragraph and then you are irretrievably there." —Espanolish, Audible Listener

Excuses from the Editors

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Book 7

"The day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out, I knew I had to finish it all in one day - two tops - to avoid spoilers. I was so determined, that I skipped out on a friend's party. I didn't feel good about it, but after finishing, and thus closing the most important book-related chapter of my life, I knew it was worth it. We're still great friends today, so I think it's safe to say we're past it. Harry Potter though? I'm still not quite over that." —Sam, Audible Editor

Duma Key

"You know a book is good when you’re actually skipping out on fun things just to listen more – which is exactly what happened with me one week as I listened to John Slattery’s awesome narration of Stephen King’s Duma Key. I spent a week dodging calls from friends going out for drinks or meeting up for dinner; sending vague texts about why I couldn’t attend a party over the weekend; shutting the blinds and keeping quiet lest a friend makes an unexpected pop-in at my place. I admit, it’s not my proudest moment as a friend. But Slattery’s voice was so spot-on, I like to think that if the roles were reversed, they’d be the ones holed up in an apartment, praying I don’t come knocking on the door. And I’d totally understand.\" —Doug, Audible Editor


"We should all remember the first time we experienced Dune: whether it was in text, audiobook, or David Lynch’s poorly-received film adaptation. For me it was in audio, during a recent camping trip, where I sat nearly catatonic, listening while watching my friends build fires, cook, set up tents, etc. I was totally useless, only taking a break to go canoeing – which felt unnatural to me because I knew the world where I belonged had no water.\" —Michael, Audible Editor