Digging Up Mother: A Love Story

"Doug Stanhope is not for the faint of heart. If you’re easily offended, sensitive to foul language or, in general, stories featuring hard drinking, drug usage, sexual debauchery, and gross-out humor, stay away from this book. But, if you’re a fan of uncensored, truth-telling comedy – in the vein of Pryor and Carlin – and want to hear a wholly unique comedic voice helm a truly unique audiobook, this is an insane adventure you won’t want to pass up. Stanhope is a comic’s comic; a true stand-up road warrior dedicated to his craft; and his abrasive style (nothing is sacred) and candid storytelling is on full display here in audio. Stanhope uses the format as an opportunity to go further than the written page – becoming a self-aware narrator, color commentating throughout, expanding on stories, and bringing buddies in to tell their sides of the story – so the experience is that of sitting next to him at a bar, words drenched in booze and smoke. This isn’t your average comedic memoir; it’s a surprisingly heartfelt and outrageously hilarious story that took me out of my comfort zone and reminded me that sometimes your only recourse from the insanity of the world is a good laugh." -Doug, Audible Editor

The Book of the Unnamed Midwife

"I love post-apocalyptic fiction because I think there’s something fascinating in how different authors paint varying portraits of humanity in the face of such extremes. In Meg Elison’s debut novel, a mass contagion wipes out most of humanity, hitting women and children especially hard. Childbirth is now deadly, and the women who remain are rare and valuable commodities (a bit of a warning: Elison does not shy away from describing the violence that might occur against women in such a situation). We follow the titular midwife as she navigates this terrifying new reality – disguised as a man to protect herself, and taking on the role of a vigilante for the surviving women she encounters. I had never listened to a performance by Angela Dawe before, but she was perfect for this story – realistically conveying the complex cocktail of emotions that the midwife experiences, and transitioning clearly between her internal and external voices (her male voices were impressive to boot). I’m so glad I stumbled upon this smart series, and I’ll be eagerly watching out for Book 2!" -Sam, Audible Editor


"Full disclosure, this novel is graphic, and probably won't be everyone's cup of tea. Vivid descriptions of addiction, sex, and illness tear through the chapters of this incredibly moving, but difficult listen. Tim Murphy's writing is so fluid and so descriptive, it evokes the genuine essence and spirit of New York City. As a current resident, I found myself torn between loving and hating this remarkable city I call home. Christodora is truly an immersive audio experience as seven powerhouse narrators team up to provide remarkable depth to a handful diverse characters – from an upper-middle class Jewish couple, to a meth-addicted Puerto Rican man who was once revered for his activism during the HIV/AIDs crisis of the 80s and 90s – as their lives interweave at different points over the course of 40 years. " -Laura, Audible Editor


"I love British history, but my passion for it tends to center around the Elizabethan era. When the new Netflix series The Crown debuted, I delighted in the opportunity to learn more about the other Elizabeth – Britain’s current monarch Queen Elizabeth II. Much of the series is dedicated to the relationship between the Queen and Winston Churchill, so I obviously had to find a Churchill biography to binge on to complete my portrait of this 20th century icon. Churchill by The Great Courses, narrated by Professor J. Rufus Fears, was exactly what I was looking for. Fears’ enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, and his linear presentation of Churchill’s life and career is easy to digest and engaging. I learned so much I never knew about Churchill, and found daily inspiration in his – public and private – unflappable persona." -Katie, Audible Editor


"I wanted to listen to Deliverance because I love James Dickey’s poetry, and my brother gave me a copy of the book years back which I never read. Both seem fitting as Deliverance is on the surface, an ode to archetypes of masculinity – mostly toxic, and the story owes its power to Dickey’s deliberate poetic voice. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Will Patton is the perfect narrator for this novel, and simply listening to his rich southern drawl put me in a calmer, more considered state. There is something distinctly purposeful about each of Dickey’s sentences that lends the book beautifully to narration. Still, this is not one of those books you will zone out while listening to, because beyond the pretty language it is as thrilling and well-paced as any blockbuster novel." -Michael, Audible Editor


"Ian the goldfish is plummeting from the balcony of a 27th floor apartment glimpsing snippets of the lives of the inhabitants in the building as he goes. He flies past a handsome, cheating grad student and his hopelessly romantic girlfriend, the lonely building manager, a crossdressing builder, a bed-ridden pregnant woman, a time-travelling home-schooled boy, and an agoraphobic sex worker. Each life is separated by the thin walls, but together they cover the complete spectrum of the human experience, from birth to death. There's a detached but lyrical feel to the prose, which narrator Peter Berkrot perfectly captures. This is a quirky, funny, and thought provoking listen that's (ironically) something outside the box." -Tricia, Audible Editor