Red Rising

"I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve yet to meet someone who has listened to this trilogy without loving it. It’s about as close as it comes to having a little something for everyone. Edge-of-your-seat action? Check. Mythology? Check. Family drama? Plenty. Romance? A little of that too. It’s not exactly a young adult series, but definitely has all the most appealing elements of that genre if The Hunger Games was your cup of tea. If you already love Tim Gerard Reynolds from his other fantasy series, this performance as the young, rebellious Darrow is an unmissable treat. And if you’ve yet to experience his work, you’re likely to discover a new favorite narrator here. If you’re considering gifting this series to a loved one this holiday season, I would highly suggest grabbing it for yourself as well: you’re both going to need someone to text when you’re done." -Sam, Audible Editor

Orphan X

"Question: who do you get when you combine Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne, and Dexter Morgan? Answer: Evan Smoak, the Nowhere Man. A trained assassin with a conscience. A man who takes his unique talents and uses them for good. He has only one rule, if he helps you then you have to pass his number on to one person who needs the kind of help only he can provide. So far that rule has helped him remain under the radar, but a man like Evan can only work in the shadows for so long. For those thriller lovers in your life always looking for the next adventure, Orphan X is the perfect new series. And now is the perfect time for them to start because book 2, Nowhere Man, comes out in January … And oh yea, Scott Brick is narrating. Enough said!" -John, Audible Editor

10% Happier

"I’ve been an evangelist for 10% Happier by Dan Harris ever since it came out. His honest, self-deprecating, humorous, and helpful journey completely captivated me. An ambitious journalist, Dan was focused on his career above all-else. But after having a panic attack while reporting on-air for Good Morning America, he embarked on a quest to quiet the voice in his head, and find balance and happiness in his life through meditation. I’ll admit, like Dan, I was skeptical of meditation – but this excellent (and highly entertaining) listen can be embraced by skeptics and believers alike. Dan’s narration makes the book that much more engrossing, and it’s a great gift to encourage friends and family to begin 2017 on a healthier, more well-balanced note." -Katie, Audible Editor

Redemption Road: A Novel

"Play. Pause. Rewind. John Hart's latest book reads like poetry, and I found myself replaying lines just to hear them roll off of Scott Shepherd's tongue. Redemption Road is a darkly disturbing thriller with Southern grittiness; it's not the kind of book that you pick up because you want an uplifting ending, but rather something that makes you hold onto your armchair just a little tighter. It's the first time Hart has written a female protagonist, and Detective Elizabeth Black is unlike any other - part Lisbeth Salander, part Clarice Starling. And though she's the main protagonist, she's part of a bigger nexus in this small North Carolina town. This book is for anyone who enjoys a complex narrative that they can sink their teeth into." -Nicole, Audible Editor

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is by all means the definition of narrative-nonfiction. This completely captivating work outlines a monumental (and extraordinarily lucrative) scientific discovery and its implications on one family's civil rights. Cassandra Campbell's simultaneously conversational and authoritative voice is the perfect lead for this Audie-award winning book. Her voice blends seamlessly with Bahni Turpin's (Audible's 2016 Narrator of the Year), who provides the dialogue for the Lacks' family. The production is so well done, you feel as if you're in the room with reporter Rebecca Skloot as she works to unravel the mystery behind Henrietta Lacks and her "immortal" cells. This book is perfect for everyone - for those who love nonfiction, it's a no-brainer. And for fiction lovers? It's phenomenally well-written, with a strong narrative and incredible (most importantly, real) people." -Laura, Social Media Manager & Guest Editor

Little Princes

"Fun fact: I have personally turned three (very different) friends into devoted audiobook listeners with this book. This true, first-person account of a young man trying to re-unite trafficked children with their families has the narrative pull of the very best fiction and will tug on the heartstrings of even the most hardened soul. It's a remarkable, almost miraculous, story, and author Conor Grennan - self-deprecating and totally charming - is the only person who could have narrated this amazing story." -Emily, Audible Editor

We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

"It's a simple story: guy decides to have his head cryogenically frozen upon death, dies, awakens 117 years in the future as a computer program owned by a theocratic government in the middle of a "space race on steroids," and gets tasked with finding habitable planets and saving mankind. That may sound like sci-fi insanity – accessible only to hardcore lovers of the genre – but I assure you, as an infrequent visitor to the SF category, Taylor's story shares many of the same elements of The Martian and Ready Player One that had me strapped in for the full ride. That is, it's one hell of a survival story, in which the protagonist's scant chances are met with wise-cracks, one-liners, and pop culture witticisms. Enter Ray Porter, who absolutely devours the material. When our protagonist, Bob, first reboots as a computer program, Porter becomes a humanized "Speak and Spell" (think: Radiohead's "Fitter Happier"), gradually transitioning to human speech. And as Bob begins to replicate himself in space, Porter gives each new Bob a subtle variance, making encounters between Bobs a truly hilarious ordeal and proving Porter is at the top of his craft. Yes, diehard SF fans will love this one, but if you know someone who has even a minimal appreciation for stuff like Star Wars or Futurama, this is a gift they’ll enjoy." -Doug, Audible Editor


"11-22-63 is one of those books that everyone I know who has listened to it has raved about. Even people who are too afraid (literally) to try one of Stephen King's horror masterpieces are absolutely taken with this compulsively listenable time-travel adventure that offers up a unique "what-if" surrounding the assassination of JFK. Craig Wasson's narration brings each of King's well-drawn characters to life. It's smart, fully entertaining, and a book that will satisfy everyone from the history buff to the sci-fi fan, pop-fiction addict, thriller seeker, and beyond." -Tricia, Audible Editor

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

"For a long time I steered away from Neil Gaiman because I thought he was too popular, sounds silly I know. But then I listened to Neverwhere and was pleasantly surprised by his sense of style. With The Ocean at the End of the Lane, it’s impossible for me to deny that he is a great storyteller, and a wonderful narrator at that. He seems to really live his stories, in voice and perspective, even though they are largely fantastic. If you are looking for a good gift though, you really can’t beat this audiobook. It is a wholly immersive experience that not only entertains effortlessly, but is deeply, deeply moving. And at less than $15 dollars for Audible members, it’s an absolute steal." -Michael, Audible Editor