Genre-Defining Voices: Sci-Fi & Fantasy


MacLeod Andrews

With his swagger-filled, tough-as-nails reading of Sandman Slim – the equivalent of a vocal strut – MacLeod Andrews announced himself as an edgy and invigorating voice in Sci-Fi & Fantasy, displaying the youthful charisma that would make him a favorite in the genre. Be it an arrogant, fallen angel-turned-hitman (as in Sandman Slim), an ordinary teenager looking to bring down tyrannical supervillains (Steelheart), or a computer hacker battling his mirror reflection (Duplicity), Andrews has cornered the market on voicing some of our favorite brash, young heroes.

Dina Pearlman

Fans of the long-running Kris Longknife and Anna Strong series recognize Dina Pearlman as irreplaceable, and we have to agree. Her rich, textured voice brings strange worlds and complex characters to life book after book. She can make the most fantastical of situations completely credible with just the right intonation. Her Irish and British accents are particularly impressive as is her mimicry of non-human voices - computerized, alien or otherwise, which is perhaps even more important in this genre!

Victor Bevine

As the primary voice behind R.A. Salvatore’s Legend of Drizzt series, Victor Bevine’s reading instantly recalls the sharp, cold blades of the titular dark elf’s scimitars. Battles with barbarians, orcs, giants, and demons take on truly epic proportions as Bevine delivers venomous dialogue and moments of dignified heroism with a care that proves he’s a master at turning fantasy adventures into legendary ones.

Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman's rich, bombastic tone brings just the right amount of gravitas to the epic settings he so often brings to life. That isn't to say he's too serious – just listen to his fantastic reading of Larry Correia's Monster Hunter series as proof otherwise – but that his voice instantly tells you you're about to enter a world where anything can happen; a world where monsters and beasts, sorcerers and mages can leap out and grab you.

Luke Daniels

If you love listening to Sci-Fi & Fantasy, you know that there are entire worlds and galaxies filled with strange characters. And it seems as though Luke Daniels has an entire galaxy of characters within himself, expertly voicing hard-nosed, battle-weary space captains, vengeful ancient deities, AI lifeforms, and even a loyal, comedic canine with an enthusiasm that makes you feel as if you are humanity’s only hope against intergalactic annihilation.

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