Genre-Defining Voices: Romance


Grace Grant

Grace Grant's deep and mature voice, coupled with her believability both in moments of seduction and humor, makes her a natural in the Romance genre. Her dialogue is effortless – including the tricky male point of view – and her transitions between dialogue and an internal monologue are something to be studied and admired.

Jim Frangione

Jim Frangione is perhaps best known as the deep, rumbling voice of the Black Daggar Brotherhood series, and there's a reason he's been back for 13 volumes. With subtle inflections, he perfectly embodies the classic conflicted male protagonist - gruff and severe one moment, sultry and sensitive the next. Though the characters he embodies tend to be otherworldly, Jim always knows how to make them undeniably human.

Therese Plummer

Therese Plummer's breathy delivery is a natural match for the romance genre. A pro at contemporary romance stories, she switches seamlessly between sarcasm and seduction. Her male voices are top-notch, allowing romance fans to truly lose themselves in the books she performs.

Andi Arndt

Romance listeners always become a third wheel to a book's central romance – but Andi Arndt really makes you feel like you're a part of the story. She completely gives in to the material and truly embodies each character, giving each one their own distinctive personality. In doing so she makes you forget that you're listening to an audiobook, and instead has you believing that you're listening to someone's life play out.

Justine Eyre

Justine Eyre has an utterly elegant voice, making her the perfect narrator for high society Regency romance. She titters and giggles when the plot calls for silliness, but absolutely nails deadpan scorn when one of her sure-to-be intelligent Regency heroines reads a man the riot act. And can she ever do accents: you can count on her to apply light Scottish flirtation and Germanic severity with equal aplomb.

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