Genre-Defining Voices: Nonfiction


Scott Brick

When we're on the prowl for new nonfiction, we always keep our eyes out for anything narrated by Scott Brick. His serious tone, subtle inflections, and his steady and reliable performances make him a go-to-narrator for everything and anything nonfiction.

Edward Herrmann

Few narrators have earned the term "legendary" quite like the late Edward Herrmann. His voice brought not only authority and passion to the nonfiction he narrated, but also an inimitable sense of style. His passing in 2015 was a great loss for the audio world, but we're fortunate to have as many of his inspiring performances as we do to relive again and again.

Suzanne Toren

Her voice is so clear and so strong, yet has a soothing warmth that effortlessly guides the listener through any story. Toren does such a spectacular job with Middle-Eastern and European accents that it’s hard to believe she’s just one person.

George Newbern

In 2015, it sometimes seemed like George Newbern had a new book out every week, and it didn't take long for us to fall under his spell. Though his talents span genres, he has a true calling for nonfiction - especially bios & memoirs. His deliberate cadence allows the stories he reads to shine, and his gentle tone conveys a respect to the subjects of his books.

Mike Chamberlain

Mike Chamberlain's youthful energetic voice can breathe life into the most complex nonfiction material - which makes brainy listens his specialty. When comprehension and attention count, listeners should never hesitate to choose one of Chamberlain's performances.

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