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"I go through 1-2 audiobooks per month during my commute and, without a doubt, Craig Wasson gives the best narration performance I've heard. He tells the story and IS George Amberson. He deftly adds dramatic flair and evokes your attachment to the main character without being overly dramatic. The best compliment I can give is that he is so convincing he becomes as important to the audiobook as the story itself. Just a wonderful job." -- Michael, Audible Listener

"I am a 40 year old male that usually listens to colonial history, suspense and adventure novels. I bought this book based solely on the ratings and rave reviews.....I was not disappointed. First of all, this is how an audio book should be produced. The characters were not just read to you by someone behind a microphone, honestly it felt very early in the book as if I were sitting at a kitchen table in Jackson, Mississippi listening to these three women take turns telling me their story. These were not simply narrators reading to me, they became the characters fully fleshed out and filled with emotion." -- Jan, Audible Listener

"Marsters doesn’t just read the story. He is Harry Dresden, telling me what happened to him late that summer. (It doesn’t hurt that it’s first person – which is hereby my new favorite book format: first person audio.) He gives as much attention to the details of making Harry real as he ever did for any onscreen character. I love it. During a fight his voice went low and fast, describing the action with intensity – and then made me laugh when he read a line of Harry’s outraged-at-an-uncalled-for-attack dialogue. Beautiful. Just beautiful." -- Tracet, Audible Listener

"Juliet Stevenson, where have you been? This is one of the most difficult books for reading I've listened to (several different English accents, northern cockney, southern low and high)--many different voices required, and Stevenson is master of all of them. I think she is the best reader I've ever heard, bar none. Really, the best." -- Sally, Audible Listener

"I felt like a fly on the wall as I listened to Coates counsel his son. The words are so powerful on their own and become electrified by the author's voice - a deep, Baltimore, accent that paints a vivid picture. I'd recommend this book for every American who gives a damn about the nation's future and knows an ounce about its past. Great read." -- Kezia, Audible Listener

"I loved listening to Mr. Cumming as he related his story. It wasn't just his charming accent that made him a good narrator, nor his actor's ability to use his voice to his best advantage. Mr. Cumming's every word carried sincere emotion. I felt like we were sitting together in private, and he was kindly sharing his life with me. His narration was not a performance. It was a gift." -- Kat, Audible Listener

Five-Star Reviews from the Editors

"This was my first time listening to a book narrated by Julia Whelan, and I'm officially a fan-girl. She did an excellent job with the stories and the characters (and the Russian accents!), and I'm eager to find my next listen with her at the helm." -- Katie, Audible Editor

"The real star of the book was narrator Morven Christie, who absolutely nailed the unique pronunciations and sounds of the Icelandic language (I even referred back to the audiobook when trying to pronounce certain street and town names – she was THAT good). Her characterizations were so spot-on that at times I had to remind myself that she was the only one reading. In a book that shifts perspectives from chapter to chapter, her skillfully nuanced voice carried the story along effortlessly." -- Sam, Audible Editor

"I have been an Audible Editor for seven years. I listen in full to – on average – five books a month. I sample and browse countless audiobooks all day long for work. This is the BEST narration I have ever heard, bar none." -- Emily, Audible Editor

"John Malkovich's narration is a true masterstroke. The renowned actor's distinctive voice embodies the charm and menace implicit in Vonnegut's work, especially as the fourth wall crumbles and Vonnegut's omniscient narrator becomes a character in his own book." -- Doug, Audible Editor