Our Editors Look Back


"Roald Dahl was the first author whose books I actively sought out – and to be perfectly honest, I still consider him to be one of my favorite authors. He had an incredibly profound impact on my love for reading, and appreciation for books. Though my parents never technically read Matilda to me, I associate this charming story with my family’s bi-weekly family-reading nights when after dinner my parents, brother, and I would read for 45-minutes in the living room. Matilda was the book which my parents had to beg me to stop re-reading and try something new. And I did. And of course, it was by Roald Dahl." -- Laura, Audible Editor

The Hobbit

"My dad has this really beautiful edition of The Hobbit – its cover a greenish leather emblazoned with gold and red and featuring stunning illustrations from Tolkien. To this day, the drawing of Smaug atop his hill of gold sets off a sense of euphoria within me. But that's because it conjures up my dad's voice – bedroom lights low, my sister and I wedged in on his either side – as he brought Bilbo's adventures to life. Thinking back now, my dad’s deep, booming voice was perfect for a group of dwarves, but he kept the volume to a minimum, allowing me to fade in and out of a story that still feels like a wondrous dream all these years later." --Doug, Audible Editor

Charlotte's Web

"More than any other book I remember being read to me, Charlotte's Web left an indelible mark on my heart – and going by the tears that welled up in my mom’s eyes when she read it to us kids, it did the same to her. It’s a classic for a reason, and a book I have listened to as an adult more than once – every time bringing me back to what it felt like as a child. It’s no wonder that it had a permanent place on the bookshelf – never far from the top of the pile. " --Tricia, Audible Editor

Audible Listeners' Favorites for the Family

A Snicker of Magic

"My 12 year old daughter and I listened to this book together. It was like our own little book club! I enjoyed it as much as she did" --Vassi (Audible Listener since 2013)

The War That Saved My Life

"My family listened to this on a roadtrip. My 11 and 7 year old sons hung on its every word, so did we. It was beautifully written. The narrator was wonderful as well. Can't recommend it enough!" --S.E. (Audible Listener since 2011)

Winnie-the-Pooh: A.A. Milne's Pooh Classics, Volume 1

"This is a must have for any family with children 3 years and above. The stories are wonderful and voiced so well. You cannot help but laugh aloud each time Piglet talks. Great fun for all! Replayability? Definitely... requested almost nightly by our boys." --Amazon Customer (Listener since 2012)


"For the first time, we found an audible story that riveted my husband, son, myself and even (at times) my 5 year old daughter. As family listening goes, this was the best book we've listened to on a long car trip, and Brian's story was discussed on hikes, at meals and long after the exciting conclusion." -- Wendy (Listener since 2008)

All Grown Up: Still Sharing with Mom

The Girl on the Train

"My mom and I have pretty different taste in books – she’s more into whodunits and legal thrillers, while I like sci-fi and literary fiction. But last year, when she called me to tell me about this great thriller she had just read, I was pleasantly surprised to tell her I had already listened to it and also loved it! The Girl on the Train captured everything we both love about good stories – gripping characters and plenty of intrigue – and it was fun to get the chance to gush about a good book with my mom. I’m now passing on all my recommendations for great psychological thrillers – I’m dying to find out what she thinks about Gone Girl!" -- Sam, Audible Editor

Beautiful Ruins

"Whenever I get home to Virginia to spend some time with my family, my mom and I always end up in a big book debate about what we’ve been liking (Circling the Sun), what we haven’t (The Arrangement), and what we disagree on (I’m still trying to convince her two years later that she actually liked The Beeswhen she clearly did not). But almost every book deep dive I take with her ends at the same place: 'Oh but Beautiful Ruins was so amazing. It was just the best'." --Emily, Audible Editor

Unaccustomed Earth

"Like a lot of people who grew up in New Jersey – my parents were immigrants. Unaccustomed Earth doesn’t focus solely on the immigrant experience, but Jhumpa Lahiri is intimately knowledgeable of the immigrant experience. Her book delves into the commonplace, drawing out careful appreciation for the mundane and the foreign in such a way that it can make you feel emotional about the strangest things. I will always appreciate it for how it got my Mom (who is notoriously tight-lipped) talking about her past, and the now distant connections that keep her pulled between family in New Jersey and New Zealand." -- Michael, Audible Editor