Five-Star Faves

Worth 5 credits!!!


"Klune has created a masterpiece and Graves read it perfectly. Wolfsong is 19 hours of a story line that is sewn together beautifully, seamlessly. It is full of tenderness, laughing out loud humor, heroism and angst. I've enjoyed it so much that I restarted it, to listen to in full again, right after finishing it. I have over 1000 books in my audible library. I count this as one of my favorites. As an aside, I will quickly return a book because I find the narrator annoying or the story doesn't draw me in. I was so impressed with Kirt Graves that I looked to see what other works he's done. This is the only one on audible. I will be checking & hoping that he will be doing more books in the future. Also, TJ Klune is one of my favorite authors (especially "The Art of Breathing") who I check on for new works regularly." -- Patricia

A true gem

The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

"As an avid reader, listener and consumer of business and non-business books I'm happy to give this book the 5 stars it deserves. What I come across a lot with business or motivational books is that they as are mostly fluff. This book is DIFFERENT. Very well put together, from the structure to the emotion and content within it. It's more than just a "case study" book. To the hungry entrepreneur it's pieces to their own blueprint, motivation without the cheesy overtones, and an inspiration for every business owner and future business owners alike. Two big thumbs up." -- Dino

Well-crafted and richly told

Hands Across the Sky

"Hands Across the Sky is an immersive story, well-crafted and richly told. The listener is transported from the glittering San Francisco Bay to the heat and friction of modern-day Egypt. Politics and spirituality, technology and tradition are tensely woven into a tale of international espionage. Andrew John Schmitz's elegant and intoxicating writing is brought to life through the artful and imaginative voice of narrator Collene Curran." -- Christina


The Storyteller

"An excellent storyline, interwoven with all emotions, haunting details of concentration camps and the lives that were changed. A truly wonderful work of art that had me laughing, gasping, crying, and cheering. Great book and author!" -- P. Macomber

A Perfect UGLY CRY!!!! UGLY CRY!!!! UGLY CRY!!!!

Say You Want Me

"I had no idea... No one told me...I went in blind and it was an amazing book!!! I was very excited to start this because I've loved all the other audiobooks I've listen to by this author. Once it started and I realized what it was about I knew I'd love it even more....but then... "IT HAPPENED" and I was sitting on an airplane...No warning.... Yes I ugly cried on the airplane! Thanks Mrs. Michaels, I looked like an idiot but it was worth it! What an amazing book. Corinne Michaels may be the best at writing a scene that rips your heart out, and thank god she always mends it before the book is over. The narration was amazing too! Both narrators did a fabulous job and they fit the characters so well!" -- Cyndi Marie

Move over Wheel of Time! I've found a keeper that goes on your shelf!

Free the Darkness: King's Dark Tidings, Book 1

"If I had a dollar for every fantasy epic I've read in the past 66 years, I'd be packing up Free the Darkness, its sequels, and be boarding for an around the world cruise! This first volume has left me totally enchanted with Kel Kade whose imagination and creativity has produced a first book as memorable as Wheel but in its own distinctive, thoroughly enjoyable style! And with the golden talents of Nick Podehl a snappy, action filled, sometimes humorous epic comes to life with the first page and never slows down until the book's end! This is no cookie cutter tale and I was talking to my headset at the end of the last chapter, "it can't be finished! It's too soon, too short!" I'm so enthusiastic about starting the next volume, I didn't even want to stop to do a review! BUT I want all fantasy epic readers to get the word: "spend a credit!" It will be right up there with the best 10 credits you've ever spent!!" -- Dee

5 Sweet Cheeks Stars

Sweet Cheeks

"Holy Moly am I glad I snatched up this audio…It was AWESOME! I mean hello look who wrote it right…butttt…look who narrated it, they killed it! Fantastic job. You know when you finish a book and you just sigh because it was so sweet so romantic yet had the dirty edge? Well that’s exactly what I just did. It was everything I hoped it was going to be." -- Pam Audio-Listener

Best book I've listened to. Ever

Nightlord: Sunset

"I'm not going to be long winded. I devour many books on audible, mostly fantasy and sci-fi. To be completely honest this was the most enjoyable production I have listened to yet. Witty, creative, imaginative, and wholly hilarious, the author produced a masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and get swallowed up by this vibrant world with lovable characters and intriguing story. You will be glad you did." -- Zach Miller

Read this book!

Bricking It

"What a delight. This book kept me laughing out loud. The characters were quirky and interesting. Usually I listen to books during my commute to work. With this book I listened at every chance I had. READ THIS BOOK." -- Richard S. Marcus


Crooked Kingdom

"It was incredible ♥ I had an incredible time listening. pick this book up and don't let go ♥" -- Pico