Five-Star Faves

Move over Wheel of Time! I've found a keeper that goes on your shelf!

Free the Darkness: King's Dark Tidings, Book 1

"If I had a dollar for every fantasy epic I've read in the past 66 years, I'd be packing up Free the Darkness, its sequels, and be boarding for an around the world cruise! This first volume has left me totally enchanted with Kel Kade whose imagination and creativity has produced a first book as memorable as Wheel but in its own distinctive, thoroughly enjoyable style! And with the golden talents of Nick Podehl a snappy, action filled, sometimes humorous epic comes to life with the first page and never slows down until the book's end! This is no cookie cutter tale and I was talking to my headset at the end of the last chapter, "it can't be finished! It's too soon, too short!" I'm so enthusiastic about starting the next volume, I didn't even want to stop to do a review! BUT I want all fantasy epic readers to get the word: "spend a credit!" It will be right up there with the best 10 credits you've ever spent!!" -- Dee

Greatest, most anticipated, cliffhanger...EVER!!!

Hero: Legend of Drizzt: Homecoming, Book III

"I love all of the books in this series. I just finished this book last night. My jaw dropped and my hands went over my mouth in the biggest surprise cliffhanger ever." -- Daniel

Great story, spectacular narration.

We Are Legion (We Are Bob): Bobiverse, Book 1

"Ray Porter is one of my favorite narrators. With his reading and a great story I was quickly hooked. The geek in me latched on to this one like Ready Player One. Looking forward to more." -- Strick2dogs

Perfectly entertaining!

The Summer Dragon: First Book of The Evertide

"I've listened to this great audio book three times in a row so far and expect to begin again immediately... Wonderfully complex and detailed! Looking for the next book and hope it's soon!" -- Mary Neville Wall

Weird and Wonderful!

The Hike

"I had no idea where this hike was leading. Is this a fairy tale? Am I leveling up (or not) in a psychotic game? What the hell is happening?! Even when the twisting path leads to a satisfying conclusion, I'm still left with questions. Great read, great peer into the existential void, great philosophical inquiry. And a great narrator to lead listeners down this path to ... what?!" -- Yvette Z Vandermolen


The Blood Mirror

"From start to finish it was another Brent Weeks masterpiece. The only thing that makes listening hard is knowing that I need to wait for the last installment. Thank you for yet another amazing story to listen to again and again." -- Matthew Sanders

Lovely Continuation

Orb: Nightlord, Book 3

"I love the narrator, he puts such emotion and depth into it and invites imagination." -- John

Don't miss this one

The Death of Dulgath: The Riyria Chronicles, Book 3

"Another superb work by Michael J. Sullivan and eloquently narrated by one of the best voices in Audible books. This can be taken as a stand alone or enjoyed by followers of the series. Those new to the author will be captivated. Enjoy!" -- Mark

Excellent, start to finish

Nemesis Games

"My second listen through was just as great as the first. This book holds tough competition for best in the series (so far) and I eagerly await Babylon. Can't get enough of this series." -- Chris Vezeau

Best book I've listened to. Ever

Nightlord: Sunset

"I'm not going to be long winded. I devour many books on audible, mostly fantasy and sci-fi. To be completely honest this was the most enjoyable production I have listened to yet. Witty, creative, imaginative, and wholly hilarious, the author produced a masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and get swallowed up by this vibrant world with lovable characters and intriguing story. You will be glad you did." -- Zach Miller