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Best dystopian trilogy ever

The Final Day

"I've read many a dystopian novel & trilogy in my 80 years, but never one so well written as this by a master storyteller, read by a narrator who so richly conveyed the various characters, and a cast of characters to care about. This story brought me to tears several times, but is far from maudlin. Again, the very best dystopian story ever. Read all three books. They're well worth the time." -- Ohio Reader

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Best book in years...

Circle of Reign

"This book was very rewarding. The narration was excellent (Michael Kramer, so of course), and the story...the action, the intensity, just very rewarding. Will be thinking about this book for months to come. Can't wait for the next." -- Jodi

Beautiful story

Remnant Population

"This story completely captured the perspective of an older woman, so often ignored and underestimated, who finally gets the freedom and respect she has been lacking. The story had a strong emotion impact for me and the friendship that developed between the natives and Ofelia feels so deserved. She has not had the best life, but finds new meaning in her role. The story and characters were compelling, and I really loved it. The narrator's does a good job of portraying Ofelia's voice." -- Erica G.

A truly enjoyable adventure, mystery & love Story


"First, let me say I am wearying of books that lead up to a climax and end. You have to buy the sequel to find out what really happened in the first book. I was so pleased to find this book complete in itself. The writing is excellent, as is the narration. If it were a paperback, I would call it a real page turner. It is fast paced, dealing with technology, and incorporating mention of Einstein's real topic of quantum theory, by using a fictional account of an example of imaginable time-travel. If you enjoy high-tech adventure, good old fashioned storytelling, and boy-meets-girl icing on the cake, don't pass this one up!" -- William

Strong Story in an Interesting Universe

The Brotherhood of the Wheel

"This book takes place in the same universe as "Nightwise" but is an entirely independent story. Sneeze and you will miss the one reference cross-over. Although the book took a few minutes to grab me, once the pieces were in place the story was intriguing and engaging. The main characters are individuals with their own stories, strengths and weaknesses. The universe is one in which magic and supernatural powers exist, but are on the fringes of society. The more you know, the less safe you feel. As usual, the narrator does a fantastic job with all the characters, making them come to life. I strongly recommend this as a great listen. The Wheel Turns!" -- E. Slavitt

Alien Lovers rejoice

Alien: Out of the Shadows: An Audible Original Drama

"If you love Alien, this is an A+++ production and story. The greatest part is it falls into actual Alien canon! Do yourself a favor and take a ride you won't regret. Incredibly clever dialogue make it seem like you're listening to a movie." -- Dizzle

Definitely Worth A Read

The Never Hero: The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs, Book 1

"I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. The world was well developed and all of the characters were interesting as well as three dimensional. The action was top notch and the science fiction elements used were fascinating. The process of the main character going from the reluctant hero to accepting the role that was thrust upon him was very well done. I also enjoyed the self aware aspect of the novel. The main characters' friends educated him on what it means to be a hero using references to comic books and 80's movies." -- Michael Cannone

Another Home Run

Babylon's Ashes: The Expanse, Book 6

"James S.A. Corey knocked it out of the park again. I absolutely love these characters and the writing. Jefferson Mays IS the Expanse for me. His reading is masterful. He gives Holden, Naomi, Amos and Alex life. This book, combined with the SyFy TV series, has this SciFi geek in nirvana." -- Chris Morin

NOT Your Average Spaceship Yarn!

The Spaceship Next Door

"I seldom read Sci-Fi in my old age, however I'm certainly glad I read this book. Its character, a 16 year old girl is so charming, in an off kilter sort of way, made this an utterly charming and memorable read. Highly recommended!!!!" -- Steve Carlson


The Axe and the Throne: Bounds of Redemption, Volume 1

"This story is Grimdark at its best. I wasn't sure who or what this was about at first, but the summary drew me in. It turned out to be one of the best books I've read in the genre. A character rich story, and raw grit similar to Abercrombie's writing. I can't wait for the next installment to be released." -- Will