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I battled yard work, then drank & feasted in Valhalla!

Norse Mythology

"This was true story telling. I wasn't studying, or researching, nor was I seeking a bedtime story. I was enriched! "Were you not entertained!?" YES, YES, I was entertained. I had about... six hours of hard yard work to do (flood repair), shoveling mud and rock. But with this book, I battled the mud and rock and then drank and feasted in Valhalla! It was the perfect length. I was fortunate enough to listen in one "sitting". The short stories were great pausing points for water breaks and lunch. They would be good for stopping points if you couldn't listen in one sitting. N. Gaiman is a great narrator, OMGs, his Thor voice is excellent! If I hadn't been battling the rocks, mud and rain, I'd have been sitting by the fire, drinking a pint of ale, listening to Uncle Neil tell us all how Thor got his hammer. His voice is that familiar story teller in your head and heart. Lastly, I'm terrible with names, really. About five mins in, I thought I'm gonna be lost with these lesser known Gods. But trust the author/narrator. You'll remember who you need to, when you need to. I go now, in search of the Chess Board of the Gods... Etsy?" -- Frae

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I was swept away

The Bear and the Nightingale

"This was such a wonderful story that I honestly got lost in it and it was unlike any book I have read. It was also familiar, in a way, and reminded me of stories my own grandmother used to tell me when I was little. This is a story with a strong protagonist, rich characters and an enchanting story that proves you are never too old for fairy tales. I would recommend it to anyone, but especially someone who loves folktales and especially on a cold night with warm tea handy!" -- Crystal Midkiff

Great New Sci-Fi

Columbus Day: Expeditionary Force, Book 1

"This is some great new sci-if. The book itself is very entertaining and the narrator was excellent. Very funny and great action. Definitely had the feeling that the author had military experience, lending the book an authenticity that made all of the science fiction elements more realistic and relatable. I can't wait for the next one." -- Nick

Awesome! Highly recommend


"If you know some economics and details of the recent financial crisis, bits of this will be even funnier, but it's hilarious anyway. Excellently created characters that you want to discover more about. At times their development seems to jump forward suddenly, but it was a minor quibble. Can't wait to buy the next book!" -- Ben

Small doses of "Scalzian" humor


"If you answer yes to any of these next questions you should totally get this audiobook: 1) Do you like short and 'laugh out loud' science fiction? 2) Do you wonder what human interaction with aliens on a daily basis in school or in the workplace would be like? 3) Do you find the idea of human annihilation by AI or an intelligent Randian Yogurt possibly funny? 4) Does the idea of security risk assessment regarding spaceship travels or super heroes/villains amuse you? 5) All of the above? Obs: if you like this, get "Redshirts" and/or 'Fuzzy Nation'" -- Andre Wallace Simonsen

Is this really the future?

Your Face in Mine

"As the review I read said: this book started out as an interesting little story and quickly took off into the bizarre. Imagine a future where you can make yourself look like the person you know yourself to be. What a lively conversation this would be for a book club. The writing was amazing. Sometimes I felt that it was above my level. I'm not sure I understood everything that was going on, but I truly enjoyed the book anyway. The narrator was one of the best. He subtly changed from character to character so that I had no trouble knowing who was speaking. The Amazon review said that the printed book was difficult because the author did not use quotation marks-- so, I guess, this was better as an audiobook. But I always feel audiobooks are better." -- Jeanne

Can Lynne Thigpen just read all the books?

Parable of the Sower

"One of the best, this audiobook stands out not just for its content (I expected nothing less than phenomenal from an Octavia Butler work) but also the narration. Lynne Thigpen's performance was artful and engrossing. To point out a single memorable moment in this perfectly crafted story would do both a disservice to the writer and future readers. On more than one occasion, I had to stop listening to the story at work because I was too caught up in what was happening - the emotions, the terror, the suspense. Just buy it. You'll be better for it." -- User

A great start to a new fantasy series.


"If you have read the publisher's summary it might seem, as it did to me, that this is just a mindless fantasy war story. Fortunately, it is not. The 18+ hours of writing are put to good use in developing good characters as well as world building. The characters have distinct personalities and motivations with a Harry Dresden like main character. That is, he's a smart, decent, and powerful wizard who becomes very sarcastic whenever he's in a jam (which is often). The action scenes are all very well written and spaced out nicely throughout the book keeping things from getting too dull. In between the action you learn about the characters, the magic system, and that there is more to the story than a simple warmongering horde of goblins. If you enjoy fantasy this book would be a good edition to your collection." -- Robert

Excellent Litrpg

Opening Moves: The Gam3

"This is one of the best books I've purchased. It's like Ready Player One on a galactic level. If you are a gamer you will love it. The details about skill trees, abilities, etc. are pretty in depth without being too distracting or annoying. If you're not a gamer, you will still enjoy the story. I can't wait for Book 2." -- Trevor

Storytelling at its finest

Sleeping Giants

"Loved this book, can't think of any bad things to say about it other than I wish it was longer. Oh! The "Nameless man" is one of the most interesting/intriguing characters I've come across lately. Great job by the author and voice cast, can't wait till April 4th to pick up the second book." -- David