Five-Star Faves

Fantastic book about integrity and compromise


"Incredibly complex characters and the choices they have to make on an early 19th century Maryland plantation. I may never say "well, I would have ..." again, because you just can't know what you can stand and what will break you. Kim Staunton captures the pain and joy and bitterness and resolve of the characters beautifully. It was like watching a movie in my head." -- J. Hayes

Wow! Surprisingly great story!

The Bees

"Excellent story & wonderfully narrated. Reminiscent of books like Watership Down & 1984. The Bees are the backdrop for an interesting story of a dystopian society where social order, duty & allegiance dictate the life of Flora 717 and her hive." -- Gregg

B. V. Larson knocks out of the court, again!

Rebel Fleet

"I really like B. V. Larson's stories, and I can't really explain it, but Mark Boyett makes the story even better! He just tends to nail it when it comes to giving me a better understanding of the various characters. Hoping for a lot more of this story!" -- Cerebral

My name is Samantha and I'm a Tufo addict.

Lycan Fallout

"love this author. I have thoroughly enjoyed every book (few times) and love the fact that the story of Michael Talbot has many alternates. I always look forward to the next book and never seem to get bored." -- Samantha

damn they did it again!

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners

"this one starts off right where the last one left off. It's awesome they did a great job of writing this out and Oliver Wyman is an amazing story teller. If you aren't left with a lump in your throat after this one there is something wrong with you." -- Chandler



"I've come to expect a certain level of intensity and ridiculousness from Sanderson. This, however, is probably the most intense book I've ever read from him. Sanderson is a madman in the best possible way and every single second of this entire series is suspenseful, rewarding, and just plain awesome." -- Johnathan

if you're wondering if it's as good as the game

Metro 2033

"mix Lovecraftian horror with post apocalypse survival, make it take place in the Moscow metro, and add a dash of philosophy. let bake for 12hr and you get this book. It's so much better than the game that it spawned." -- Anonymous


The Book of the Unnamed Midwife

"There were no reviews when I chose to try this book. Gave it a chance and it was amazing! Being a nurse myself I was really able to relate to the story. it's got everything. excitement mystery suspense drama fear love and end of the world possibilities. you won't regret listening" -- Humble

definitely a classic

Snow Crash

"If you like technical speculative sci-fi, check this out. characters are great with solid progression. The story starts with a good overview of the world Stephenson would like us to imagine. a few chapters in the real story arc begins." -- Richard


We All Looked Up

"This entire book was playing with my emotions like tug-a-war. I couldn't put it down. I was crying so much on the road trip while reading this my aunt got me Starbucks to try and make me happy. " -- Nicole