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Always an amazing romp through fantasy!

The Lady of the Lake

"A terrific blending of known fantasy from many cultures and times! The witcher stories are delightfully dark funny and cleverly entwined. This story brings us the enveloping tying of ends and beginnings with all the magic and oddly blunt logic that Master Sapkowski delivers in all of his stories. Masterfully read and adapted to English and addictively voiced until I am a fan of some voices in the same way that I am a fan of some actors. Wonderful. Well worth your time and money. I will listen again and again for years." -- Poor Rabbit

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All Too Short

Waking Gods

"It so often feels like I've seen it all, so I don't tend to give very many five star reviews these days. This book did a pretty great job surprising me and making me just completely lose track of time. Seriously, how did I finish this book so fast!? The style of telling the story through a series of records and files is just impeccably done and works naturally, as in no gimmicky feeling or anything. So yeah, I recommend this book and this series. If you want a bit of a mystery thriller about a what if and the unknown, then pick this up. Now then, I really really want the next book right now." -- Matthew

Excellent techno-thriller with a unique twist.


"Breakthrough by new author Michael Grumley is like a even mix of Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy and Isaac Azimov. There's cutting edge technology, the dashing hero with the equally able leading lady (and the inevitable attraction between them), and just the right amount of believable science fiction. The way a couple of the side characters come through in the end was a bit of a stretch, but if they play key roles in the sequels​ I suppose the suspension of reality may be excused. I enjoyed the Audible narrated version; the narrator was quite good and made the story come alive." -- GrampaGary

Very Addicting Series! Great Narration!

Love Lost: The Kurtherian Gambit, Book 3

"Wow this is another great addition to this series. It is so addicting. I check everyday for a new release on Audible. They are coming out pretty fast but not as fast as I can listen. LOL. I love all the action, butt kicking and boy does Bethany Anne have a way with words. So much fantastic dialogue throughout the entire book. These stories are pure entertainment. I love listening to the narrator's and author's commentary/notes at the end of the story. I have already listened to the next book and will review that shortly but I think I am going to try and wait a couple months to see how many more are released so I can binge listen! As for the narration, it is great! Emily Beresford does such a great job narrating. The men sound like men, everyone gets their own distinct voice, she reads with emotion, and her end comments at the end of the book are very entertaining, She really does like reading this series. Makes it better for the listener to I think." -- Tracy T

A Gem in the RPG/Fantasy Genre

Dungeon Born

"I stumbled upon this book while sifting through the Audible store. It sounded like a fun twist on the RPG World style fiction that I have recently been drawn to. What I did not expect is how quickly I would get drawn into the world that Dakota was spinning. This story takes you through the nostalgia filled settings of many a great RPG/Fantasy World from a perspective that I never even thought to envision; through the eyes of a young and only recently sentient Dungeon Core. With the audiobook, Vikas Adam excellently portrays the childish wonder behind the young and growing sentience that is the Dungeon Core. I feel Vikas portrayed the personalities of Dakota's characters so well that, even though I am dying to move on to book two, I feel I must wait for the next audiobook to be released so that I can experience the book in all the excellence that is created via the pairing of Dakota and Vika's work. I highly recommend checking this book out and I will be sharing it with all my friends." -- SirMehr

Loved this book!


"Just finished listening Solitude. I got it on Audible, It was so great!!! Loved the story, very original, loved the writing skills, brilliant writing! And of course loved the narration, what a perfect duo! Unbelievable! Thank you for a wonderful book! I got lost in it for a while there... Now I can't wait for the book 2!" -- Julia Smith


Perilous Waif

"This audiobook was quite a ride, thinking about it this story reminded me a lot of the movie Treasure Planet (not the plot though or aliens – more of the feel). Treasure Planet that is for mature audiences (there are no explicit sex scenes) which include an interesting take on AI and Genetic engineering, also has a neat implementation on interstellar travel, and the protagonist is just a bit overpowered (I think some would say Mary Sue-like qualities). (No aliens in the book as far as I could tell). This book is fun – action packed, and most of all an interesting perspective on humanities future." -- Michael

Absolutely Fantastic! Just as Fun as the 1st Book

For We Are Many

"Definitely the narrator, Ray Porter. I love him as "Bob" and he makes the story fun and enjoyable. The author, Dennis E. Taylor sure hit a home run with this series. It is unbelievably witty and I also love the very rich and complicated universe in which the "Bobiverse" exists in. This took some incredible imagination and creativity. LOVE IT!" -- Michael

One of the Best Audiobooks I Have Listened To


"This is the first review I am leaving out of the 175+ books I have listened to so far from this site. The plot is interesting and sophisticated. There are not too many boring moments as the story proceeds forward at a good pace. The best part of this book and the reason I am leaving my first review was the depth of the main characters. The characters' individual story lines as well as their shared story line are fascinating. Carl Prekopp does an excellent job narrating. His voices for each character are distinct and enjoyable. I highly recommend this book to a wide audience. This is not just for fans of science fiction." -- Jon

A Great Start to a New Series

Sins of Empire

"This is an excellent start to a new series in the world of Powder Mages. It has call backs to characters from the previous series without requiring you to have read that series and tons of new characters and story to keep you riveted to your seat. Buy this one. You won't regret it." -- G. Parish