Five-Star Faves

Funny and light-hearted.


"Seriously so worth the credit!! I've been listening to many intense books lately and this was the book was the perfect break from all of those stories. It was laugh out loud funny. The characters had the perfect mix of "I hate you" and sexual chemistry to draw you into their antics. You don't even need to pick a side in their war, you can cheer for them both as they try to get their way, as long the pranks keep the laughter coming. Also, the narration is great!" -- Daniele

brilliantly transporting.

Ransom: Highlands' Lairds, Book 2

"This was such a pleasure to listen too. Inflection and voice change were natural and delightful." -- Leolyn

sooooo good


"hot...intense...dirty...raw...loving...this author puts you right in the bedroom using descriptions you woun't soon forget! The narrators are FANTASTIC." -- Mango

highly highly recommend this book great great book

Burying Water

"I highly recommend this book I stumbled upon it I couldn't stop listening to it it sucks you in it is a wonderful wonderful book and I hope the rest of the books in the series are just as good" -- Polly Agee

Break Out the Tissues

Bright Side

"This poignantly written story is heartfelt, endearing and utterly heartbreaking! But definitely a MUST read! The narrators were perfect and really made you feel the story." -- Luv2Read

Fun and sassy!!!

Rock Chick Revolution

"Loved the entire series. Appreciated ALL the emotions KA brought out in me with her variety of characters and events. Everyone needs to take a fairytale trip and this series does it for me." -- Lorraine Casas


Scoring Wilder

"This book made me laugh, swoon, grin, and was so enjoyable! The narrator was funny and made the male voice of Liam so sexy and Kingsley young and fun. I will look for more of her books and would love to hear about Liam and Kingsley in the future. You Must Get This Book!!" -- Romance Junkie

Great Period Romance Novel

Heiress Without a Cause

"Well let me say this book was awesome, with a great Narrator. I was pleasantly surprised with the story line. Unlike many other books where the Heroine is 21 yrs old, this series is about women that are older and have passions for writing, acting ect... none of witch are acceptable passions for ladies of London in the 1800's. Great plot that held my attention. I listened in one sitting. Worth a credit? YES and I just started period novels! I will going to the next book in the series. I also love that all of the books in the series came out at the same time so no waiting!" -- Minka

Lauren Blakely has another hit

The Sexy One

"I listened to THE SEXY ONE by Lauren Blakely today on Audible and it was an excellent HOT Sexy Single NYC Dad romance. Sebastian York and Andi Arndt are a marvelous duo as Simon and Abbie as always. I loved it." -- Nancee

Say it isn't over...

The Fate of Mercy Alban

"I was so hungry to hear the last bits and pieces of the tale! My hunger was satisfied! But now, I find myself struggling because I do not want to leave the company of these characters! Oh how I wish I could remain among them at the house, taking breakfast with them, chatting with Jane and developing friendship with all of them! This is the third book I've listened to by this brilliant author and although I've enjoyed all of the, this may very well be my favorite! She is an amazing author, yes but some who write have a true gift for telling a story and I count her among the best! You can have anyone write a book, creating a story with a setting and characters to create the action, have a climax and an end. There is just so much depth here, detail, not so much feeling as it is pure emotion with that you experience with them! I could almost smell the coffee & hearty breakfasts, taste the wine, feel the warmth of the fire as I curled up next to Amity and her Mother. I want to go to this house and live out the rest of my days there! Great story! So worth giving it a listen!" -- Julieann