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Captured by a tale...

Captured by a Laird: The Douglas Legacy, Book 1

"Historical romance at its finest... the era alone tells you there is no fluff to be had. It's gritty and hard and strife ridden and full of images violent and emotional. Yet it is so well written and there is such love... Derik Perkins is amazing! The heat is high! Creditworthy? Oh yes." -- Susynne

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A favorite of mine

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf

"Molly Harper never ceases to keep me interested. I love her witty, sexy, and downright hilarious writing and thorough character development. She is the only writer to date that can make me laugh out loud! Amanda Ronconi does a fabulous job of narrating as well and really drawing you into the story. I revisit this series at least once a year!" -- Kayleigh


The Lion's Lady

"I experienced all kinds of emotions from exasperation to joy to anger to happiness. I found myself talking back in anger and laughing out loud. Truly one of the greatest books I've listened to in a very long time." -- Vicki

Another wonderful story by Kristen Ashley

The Will

"Contemporary, Paranormal or Fantasy, Kristen Ashley can make you fall in love with her characters and lose yourself in her stories. I have read over 15 of her stories and will be looking forward to more. I can listen to her books on Audible more than once some three times! Never disappointed." -- Jeanne

This book was beautiful, dark, and enchanting

The Architect of Song

"For the storyline itself, this book was yet another stunning enchantment created by A.G. Howard. I fell in love with all the characters. The story itself flowed beautifully and kept my interest locked in. Each secret that unfolded was crafted with such delicacy. Overall I was amazed. As for the Narrator, I was completely speechless. She did a fantastic job at executing the story. The emotions and voices she put into each character was original. I had yet to listen to a full Audiobook in its entirety until I came across this one, and I am forever grateful. For it showed me a new light and view on audiobooks" -- Library Luv

An Emotional Course

Changing Course: Wrecked and Ruined, Book 1

"This book is both tragic and tender, sad and humorous, haunting and romantic. I was immediately sucked in to the heartbreaking story of Brett, Sarah and Jesse. Letting go of his past seems nearly impossible, and I wonder how we'll ever get to an HEA. What an emotional ride between the flashbacks to present day. It's all just so raw, gut-wrenching with tears, anger, humor, heartache, and of course, lots of sex. And then the ending... it's worth the read even just for the big climax. The dual narrators were a good choice for this story. They gave a solid performance with all of the characters in this story." -- Ndulgent Bloggrs

This gave me massive feels!!

Bright Side

"I normally refuse to read books that are sad, I want my books to have happy endings but the reviews convinced me to have a go. I'm so glad I did! This is such an uplifting story that had me smiling, laughing and crying ugly tears. This book reminds you to look on the bright side. It sounds trite but this is really a book worth listening to. Worth a credit in a flash. And there is a sequel with a happy ending so don't be put off by the tears" -- Claire



"Just when I thought I had my favorite of hers, this one knocks the rest out of the way! This was beautifully written. I loved the relationships of each of the characters and the way she thought out the story." -- Keri

Wow wow

Royal Savage

"As soon as I started listening, I couldn't put it down. Wow wow !! Just blown away by the story and characters. I really felt the emotions and suffering of the main characters. Excellent story !! Highly recommend it." -- Hallwt22

Megan March hit it out of the Park with this one

Bad Judgment

"The Narration of course was the best with these two. This book was SO well written with not just steamy scenes, which was very well done , but the relationship between Ryker and Justine from the start was so fun to follow through this story. The cat and mouse chase was so good. There was a lot of twists and turns with surprises all through and especially towards the end. I've listened to Megan March books before and this one is the best one yet. Don't think twice about this one. Credit worthy and then some." -- Sandy