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A Tapping at My Door

"The story was gripping from the beginning. I particularly liked the author's method of using internal dialogue of the main characters. We all do it...! The narrator was spectacular and I would recommend this book for his performance alone!!!! I only hope he narrates the sequel!!! This book was worth my time!" -- Lk

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The Dead Key

"What an incredible story writer D. M. Pulley is! I will certainly be looking for more books by that author. This story held my interest throughout. The narrator, Emily Sutton-Smith, did an outstanding performance, considering the many characters she had to mimic! She is my new favorite." -- Donna

So much more than I thought

Night Life

"Wanted to find a good tight story with believable characters and maybe a little bit of noir. So much happened here that was more than I had hoped for - the brilliant narration by Szarabajka, the story....just a very good time overall. Highly recommend it." -- Jason

A Sheer Delight

The Edge of Lost

"What a joy to find a great story performed so well. The accents were accomplished by a pro, and the unpredictable twists of the plot left me wanting more. The only disappointment was when the story ended. I'm eager to see if this author has more books. A good story like this is worth waiting for." -- J.

A great book!

Take Down

"This book kept me interested from start to finish. The characters are lovable, the action is fast-paced , and the plot is intriguing. You know how they say I couldn't put it down!, when talking about print books? Well I couldn't hit stop on this audiobook!" -- Glenn

Totally amazingly written story

The Neon Lawyer

"A newly minted attorney takes on a cunning, soulless prosecutor, in defense of a woman, guilty of committing murder! I listed to the audiobook without stopping! It is a riveting and heart wrenching story that could easily be part of today's newspaper headline! Read it! You'll be glad you did! Even though it's fiction, it will grab your attention and keep it!" -- C.

At the very top of any list! Brilliant!

Police at the Station and They Don’t Look Friendly: Detective Sean Duffy, Book 6

"The trio: McKinty the writer, Sean Duffy his man, and Gerard Doyle as their narrator and you have the best combination there is today on the market in the field of cop/political/historial/thriller. I don't know how to put it better than this. The entire series is absolutely brilliant! i wish I knew the three of them. No kidding! I'd even moved to northern Ireland for that. Ah! Dreaming. Thank you Adrian McKinty and thank you Gerard Doyle" -- Glenn

Astonishing historical fiction

Summit: A Novel

"A complex web of history, politics and mountaineering lore, inhabited by extraordinary but credible people, Summit will enthrall and delight its readers. This is the story of a Nazi push to steal a march on the British by attempting an unauthorized solo push to the summit of Everest just before the Second WW, and of modern diplomatic and clandestine efforts to manage the consequences of that attempt. Usually, it is a sad mistake for authors to record their own audiobooks, but Farthing's performance is magnificent -- fluent, well-paced and, thankfully well-pronounced (ever the short extracts in German). In all, a book I am very happy to admit to the furniture of my mind." -- Robin

Another great one from Louise Penny!

A Great Reckoning: A Novel

"First, I have to say that if you are considering listening to this book and haven't yet listened to the other 11 in the series, go back and start at book one! Sure, they can stand alone - (Well, mostly. I don't think you could really do that with A Brutal Telling and Bury Your Dead.) - but trust me, starting from the beginning is more than worth it! This is the 12th book in this wonderful series, and Penny delivers once again! A twisted mystery, a great cast of characters, and recurring plot lines that keep you coming back. This one has it all! Robert Bathurst gives a great voice to this novel - you really couldn't ask for more!" -- Savannah

Difficult Subject Beautifully Covered

With Love from the Inside

"What a very difficult topic to cover well. I was immediately enveloped by the struggle of all of these characters, and my heart just swelled for them. This is one of those books that helps you re-evaluate your core beliefs about tough subjects. It may not sway you one way or another, but it definitely calls for self-reflection. A story of forgiveness (for one's self and others), perseverance, self-reflection, and above everything else love." -- IN_ERIN