Five-Star Faves



"This book is one of a kind... I found myself thinking what? Wait!!! Go back!!! It all falls together on the end and 'wow' is what your left with... Very creative and worth reading for sure." -- Jen Ben

Mind warp

Whiskey Sour: A Jacqueline 'Jack' Daniels Mystery

"The story was terrifying. The performance was spot on, they did a fantastic job! Several times I could feel and hear my heart pounding!" -- Adrienne Ran…

Perfect Score!!

The Witness

"I love a good story especially when the main characters make reasonable decisions and do not create their own false drama. I love this story as the main character had good reasons for the decisions she made. I was truly captivated and will read this story again.... starting now." -- Mechelle

Fantastic twists and turns...could not put down

The Bone House

"This was my first Brian Freeman book and I'm going now to look for my next one. I was amazed at how he introduced so many characters throughout the book and you had time to get to know them. I did not see the end coming at all. Really enjoyed this book and I've read about 20 books the last few months with genres all over the place. This goes in my top 5! I thought the narrator was going to bother me at the very beginning but he actually does a great job." -- Grace Hoffman

On the edge of my seat!

I, Saul

"I felt as if I was a spectator watching everything the writers wrote because of their ability to bring the words to life--Paul's prison cell, every character had a face, every place was clearly seen (though I have not traveled there). I recommend the book to everyone who loves a good historical novel. Loved the narration, too. I will definitely listen again and again." -- Grace Hoffman

A gem of a story and storytelling

The Coroner's Lunch

"What a delightful surprise! Unique setting and circumstances for a cleverly different detective story with wonderfully drawn characters and witty dialogue to make you laugh aloud. The excellent performance matched voices and accents to characters perfectly. This is one of Audible's best!!" -- Barbara L. Goss

Excellent from beginning to end.

The Cryptic Lines

"This is a story that was really helped by a great narrator. I thought the story was really good but the narration was so good that it made the overall reflect the performance more than the story. The story was very clever and although one will probably guess some of the mysteries, there are more surprises to be had. Excellent! I was gifted this wonderful audiobook in exchange for an honest review." -- Josie

Amazing Audio Read!!!

The Genesis Code

"It is amazing how a book written close to 20 years ago can be so good and not dated. This story was fast pace and never had a dull moment. I also loved how it was able to close up all the loose ends without needing a part 2 or 3 like so many books these days. I highly recommend this book and will purchase his other book too!!! Better than Dan Brown, and I like Dan Brown. After, experiencing this book, I think John Case clearly leads the pack!!!" -- J.M. Sirley

A Great Start to a Serial? I Hope!!!

The Traitor's Story

"This one has everything good -- Simon Prebble narrating, Wignall's superb prose, and a fascinating, edge of the seat mystery. The story focuses on a retired spy who gets drawn back into sleuthing and spying due to the mysterious disappearance of a 15-year-old neighbor... Lovers of good mysteries will enjoy this -- a good cat and mouse romp through Europe!" -- Paula

Amazing Book!

Summit: A Novel

"I loved everything about this beautifully written book. The performance of the narrator was also fantastic. I was surprised to hear he was also the author. I am so glad I took a chance on this book." -- John L