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I was there!

Find Her

"The victim starts off locked in box and from there, things go downhill for the heroine. By virtue of the written word and the narrator's inflection, I felt like I was in the box myself! Gripping and horrific. I highly recommend this book to any who can handle the tense created by the storytelling. I don't often write reviews but this one deserves a listen!" -- William

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A Perfectly entertaining murder!

Murder Al Dente: Southern Pasta Shop Mysteries, Book 1

"This little murder kept me laughing and wanting more. The narrator is priceless with her quick wit. Cannot wait to hear another episode!" -- Marissa

A Witty, Brilliant series that brings Delhi Alive

The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing

"The sequel to The Case of the Missing Servant did not disappoint. Once again, brilliant narrator in the audio version. The story is light. The characters are witty. Interweaving plots are satisfying. Delhi comes alive with these quirky characters. Vish Puri's members of staff are interesting characters. In this episode we learn more about their backgrounds. Plot twists are brilliant. This is my favourite series. The narrator is brilliant and quite engaging." -- Deborah Jacob

Outstanding storytelling

The Rock Hole: A Red River Mystery

"This story was wonderful to listen to. The characters are deep and almost feel like family. The narration is great, Ned feels like your grandpa when he talks, John comes across as someone you want to be a hero, and Top is the smart and loving little boy who needs all of these wonderful characters around to love him. Very well done." -- Zack

Would Love to know someone like this!!

Buy a Bullet

"This could have been the first chapter in a book about Evan Smoak's past. Excellent first short story about his first mission on his own. I usually don't like purchasing short stories but have been looking forward to the next book in this series and wanted something to hold me over. Gregg Hurwitz is such a talented author and I am so glad that he has decided to create a series. Scott Brick does an excellent job narrating as always. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." -- Shelley

A Compelling Story I Could Not Put Down

The Long and Faraway Gone

"Berney has crafted a superb page turner that I never wanted to pause and was sorry to finally see end. It was not perfect: some of the plot threads were stretched pretty long and thin, and, in contrast, some 'reveals' came quick and easy. But these are quibbles. Though every loose end was not tied up, that let my imagination fill in what was/what could have been, adding to the power of the story. The narrators Hutchison and McFadden were superb. All in all, this is as close to as perfect an audiobook as one is likely to experience - richly drawn characters that one cares about, humor and wit, suspense, a 'peeling of the onion' story-telling, wonderful sense of place and time, emotions that ring true. I look forward to more from Lou Berney as good as this one." -- Bob

Entertaining from beginning to end.

The Body Reader

"I really enjoyed both the story and the narration. The narrator is top notch. Her voice was pleasant and I never had a moment where I lost my place in the story. I liked the pace of this mystery. More like ferris wheel instead of the Rollercoaster of a lot of thrillers. Each turn of the wheel offering a different viewpoint until the plot comes to a satisfying end. The story is written in a way where the characters were consistent without becoming boring... I absolutely loved that the main character was a smart, strong woman that at times doubted herself." -- Emily Sutton-Smith

Amazing book!

Still Missing

"I don't even where to start. This story breaks your heart, surprises you, gives you hope; it makes you feel all sorts or emotions. It is a great story that will not soon be forgotten. It is one that will stick with me for a very long time." -- Angela M. Dokos



"I don't normally listen to mystery suspense type of novels but Marcus Sakey does an AMAZING JOB mixing science fiction with real life suspense. Think I've found a new favorite author." -- K.Ivory

Wonderfully Entertaining!

Dead Cold Brew

"A delightful story. Emotionally poignant in places. Laugh-out loud worthy in other places. Just fantastic." -- Rebecca Gibel