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Palpable and engaging!

The Dry

"The Dry is the perfect blend of character and plot. The people are so real you want to punch them, comfort them, shake them and cry with them. Add to that a journey and a telling that is poignant and intimate and you have a story that is rich, urgent and as present as the sweat on your brow." -- Sherri Winston

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To say this is really good is an understatement!


"This is the third book in a series although this one can be read as a standalone; some brief discussions in this book reference action from the first two. As for this book and the whole series it is top shelf characters, action and narration. I just cannot recommend this book and series enough. Fans of Ben Coes and Tom Wood will feel right at home." -- Jason

Good Mystery

Right Behind You

"This is one of my favorite Lisa Gardner books because (1) The gore was minimal, and (2) the plot turned and twisted several times -- I thought I'd figured it out, half way through the book, but I kept reading because I liked the characters... and then I was surprised. I really enjoy mysteries that keep their secrets until the end. Great narration too." -- S. White

Clever intertwining of three fun mysteries

In the Market for Murder

"This is a terrific sequel to A Quiet Life in the Country. The book takes three mystery lines and intertwines them effectively. There is the death of a cruel man that might be from poisoning. A ghost accuses a member of the group doing a seance of murder. And the plaques and awards from a rugby club get stolen. I enjoyed the way the threads of the mysteries end up intertwined. The book is very fun, with clever word play and banter between Lady Hardcastle and her maid, Florence, who narrates the book. I loved this book and am waiting on tenterhooks for the third book to released on June 15!" -- Victoria J. Mejia-Gewe

Enjoyable Cozy Mystery

Evans Above

"A great cozy mystery with a Welsh mountain village setting and cast of characters. I picked up a few clues along the way, but their relevance was less obvious than I'd thought. Narrator is wonderful. This doesn't have the light touch of the author's Royal Spyness mysteries but it's no less enjoyable. I'm delighted to have found a new (to me) series to enjoy." -- Kathy N



"I love it when an author is not afraid to step out the box a little but still remain true to their fans and their style of writing. Ms. Diamond out did herself with this one. It keeps your interest from start to finish. It's a must read!!!!!" -- Madashell

Another winner from author Mark Greaney!

Gunmetal Gray

"Gunnetal Gray is the 6th novel in Mark Greaney's Gray Man/Court Gentry espionage thriller series. This novel continues Greaney's string of ten 5 star novels in the Gray Man series and the Jack Ryan franchise series combined. (Greaney also coauthored 3 Jack Ryan series novels with Tom Clancy before Clancy's death.) The publisher's summary provides adequate background for Gunmetal Gray, so I will not repeat it here. This book does well as a stand alone, but is even better if the six Gray Man novels are listened to in order. In my opinion Mark Greaney stands as the unchallenged No. 1 among the currently living authors of espionage thriller authors; his books are the current best of genre. Jay Snyder does a great job of narrating although he is not as good as Scott Brick who narrates Greaney's novels in the Jack Ryan series. Gunmetal Gray and all of Mark Greaney's novels have my HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION." -- Wayne

Top of the genre - a mind-blowing blast!

Behind Her Eyes

"If you enjoy eerie, twist-laden thrillers, cultured British accents and new ideas, then you'll love this new novel. I won't say ANYTHING more about the story, but that - while I thought I had it all figured out - and I did, up to a point - the twists, turns and tumbles just kept on coming at the end. What a ride!" -- Wild Wise Woman

When technology is no longer an option, what next?

Trackers: Trackers, Book 1

"(This review was written by Melissa's husband - Josh) This was the second book of Smith's that I have completed and he continues to keep me hooked. This was a much different style of book from the previous one I read (Hell Divers) and it kept me wanting to hear more the entire time. I started this book earlier this week and found myself seeking more time to listen to it. With most of my books listened to on my way to/from work, this book took up much of my evenings as I couldn't wait to find out what happens next... I, for one, cannot wait for book two." -- Melissa and Josh

Excellent narrator, compelling story

The Case of Lisandra P

"Enjoyed the book, even as my sense of dread rose sensing what would happen and why. Captures part of an era of recent Argentine history, many would prefer to forget and the many human challenges one can face in relationships and coping with real life nightmares." -- REP