Five-Star Faves


Behind Closed Doors

"Wow...I've listened to MANY audio books and never felt the need to write a review after I was done. But this book definitely deserves recognition! I could not stop listening!!! It was intense, nail biting...all the way till the very end. The details were so well written that I actually felt like I was living in the moment of the story. I could not stop listening. At first I thought ok, this will be just a regular suspense story...starting of with the details of each character. But within 2 hours into it, I was hooked! Written VERY WELL, narrated VERY WELL! " -- Ann

This is definitely a best-selling movie!

Back Blast

"I have listened to Audible's audiobooks for the last 15 years with maybe 350 books, and this book is in the top 1% I have read. It's like the book that's hard to put down and you stay up late at night to read a little bit more. I found myself doing the same with this book especially at the very end. It held my attention from beginning to end and I was always looking forward to pick up where I left off which is usually when I'm driving a car. This book is a five thumbs up. By the way this is the first audiobook that I've reviewed." -- Paul


The Cartel

"As a mega fan of Don Winslow I am biased. I can only say that The Cartel was perfect. It has everything a great story should, drama, tragedy, comedy, romance, action, violence and a fantastic plot. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Power of the Dog(part 1) and a quarter of the way through The Cartel I was disappointed that the Irish hitman: Callen was not in it, but as it went on I forgot all about PotD and sunk DEEP into The Cartel. EPIC. Unbelievable. True." -- Reno

Holds you until the last

Before I Go to Sleep

"This is a great book, I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a good stand alone read. This is a getaway book, you will want to devour it on a weekend away. The characters are multifaceted, the story is full of twists and turns and you don't know where you will end up until the very last." -- Natasha


Defending Jacob

"This book was painfully entertaining. I couldn't stop listening. I cannot stress enough about how unforgettable the characters and storyline both are. You WILL love this book. The narrator was perfect for this particular book also. " -- Britney

hurwitz and brick, perfect

Orphan X

"I loved it - missed several days of my life just listening. but the house is clean. loved all the twists and playing with technology. great hero. here's hoping Evan comes back in another story. " -- Sherry

A fun ride - I can't wait to read more

Crowned and Dangerous

"Wonderfully narrated – close your eyes and you can see the characters. Fun, fast-paced ride through a great mystery" -- Robert

original and exciting right to the end!

The Chemist

"she did it again. I was hooked right from the first chapter. original idea, strong well-defined but believable characters. no loose ends. I loved it." -- FutureGG

Amazing story!!!

Right to Kill

"I really enjoyed this book. I love his series and how it makes you feel like you are there. Really enjoyed his authors note at the end. Thank you for an enjoyable read." -- Debbie

Ho ho ho what a great holiday book!

St. Nick

"This story has a unique holiday season flair. It was moving and left me with a sense of holiday hope." -- Maureen