Five-Star Faves

Don't Let Me Go

Don't Let Me Go

"This was a sit in the driveway book since I always wanted to get further along in the story. Loved all characters but especially the flawed Billy and the recovering addict Mom, Eileen. The author really got to the core of what it takes to recover from addiction, despair, loneliness, fear, and especially Grace's character, validation. All comes together but won't spoil the ending." -- Michelle D. Fields

History Lesson and a Love Story

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk

"What a beautiful story! A love story and a history lesson, I was shocked to learn after some further research that the treatment the Chinese received during the last half of the 1800's was appalling. Why did we not learn THIS in school? When the story became almost too much to bear, the author did an excellent job of tying in the parts of life that show the love of a parent for a child, the love of family and the decisions that are made to protect each other. i cannot recommend this book enough!" -- Digit Head

Outstanding performance and beautiful story

Yellow Crocus

"I liked everything about this book. I wish it had been even longer because I was enjoying it so much. And Bahni Turpin was amazing in her performance. She did so many different characters in such a natural voice and represented them so well it enhances the story instead of taking away from it. I've heard few performers that are actually able to do this. She's the best I've listened to." -- Jolimbo

Never a disappointment!!!

Two by Two

"This book was heart wrenching as are most of Sparks' books. I have never wanted to heave myself into the story line to give the characters my thoughts so badly as I did with this book. It was a great audiobook as well very enjoyable." -- Jessica

You think you had a bad day?

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage

"This is the most extraordinary story of human endurance I have ever read. Despite horrifying experienced and extreme hardship - these men persevered. I can't imagine our current generation enduring any thing remotely close to such an experience without a mutiny and threats of law suits and endless tales of woe! A very worthy read - if only to appreciate how well off we really are!" -- Marcel D.

Absolutely phenomenal!!!

Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur

"this book is absolutely phenomenal it is so great and it has already helped me so much. Listening to this book has been so awesome that I wish I had a hard copy so that I could look at it anytime I want and highlight everything that I loved about it!! If you are considering reading this book but haven't made up your mind... you need to read this!!!" -- Breanna


If You Find Me

"I loved this book it was a great story I just couldn't stop listening ! I will remember this book forever it is going to go on my wall of fame. The struggle some people have to go thru in there life is so real and this author just captured it like it was a picture." -- Lola

Lovely, truly lovely. Tim Curry FTW


"A wonderful story. I was constantly engaged. Tim Curry was perfect, the best pick for a narrator I could have imagined for this story. His rich unique tone gives disgusting life to the dripping, fitted, squelching decay of the dead in all their hideous forms. He adds tremendous value to the story, above and beyond that of the already superb quality of the writing itself. Bravo. Bravo indeed." -- Cole

Witty and so darn on point!

I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual

"This book is hilarious and serious at the same time. Luvvie dishes out practical advice on how we can all correct our bad behavior. It challenges us to do better and insist we call on every member of our circle to also do better. It's laugh out loud funny, which got me plenty of looks from fellow drivers in 5pm rush hour traffic. Everyone needs to hear it and pass it along! Bravo!" -- Kaytd

Love at first listen!

In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd

"Great performance by this talented reader, Maria Rodriguez Savaria, of this spectacular prose by Ana Menedez. Story telling at its greatest- strong characters with complex psychology, settings and culture as dynamic as the characters. A deep understanding of the way people experience intimate relationships with each other and the places they live." -- Anne