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An epic achievement of writing coupled with brilliant acting

A Brief History of Seven Killings

"This book will not be surpassed. Maybe equaled. The dialogue, the characters, the absence of sentimentality, the span of time, the characters and the details. Praise does not do it justice. Just start listening." -- Felasfa

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The Godfather

"There is not one single aspect about this that I didn't enjoy. I bought the book many years ago but because of busy everyday mom life, I haven't been able to really dive into it. This gave me the chance to do so and I couldn't be happier. The narrator, the story, all of it. Sublime. A thousand times better than the movie and the movie is one of my favorites." -- Tinise

Incredible insight into a truly incredible film

The Disaster Artist: My Life inside 'The Room', the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made

"Not only are Greg Sestero's intertwining tales of his friendship with the enigma Tommy Wiseau and the bizarre production of The Room completely fascinating in their own rights, but by providing his own narration, you really feel that you're getting the story first-hand, straight from the source. This audiobook is a great listen. If you have an interest in the infamous film or just the Hollywood scene in general, I highly highly recommend it." -- Erik

Should be required reading

The Hate U Give

"This story had me from the very start and never let go. I LOL and cried out loud. The character development was on point and the timely political and cultural significance of Khalils' life and Stars' voice cannot be under stated. As an adult with a teenager, this genre is important to me, but this book is definitely NOT just teen genre! You will NOT be disappointed. I wish every parent and teen, especially the privileged, would read this book and open their heart and minds. Great, great story!!" -- Sandra

Rare Five-Star

In Farleigh Field: A Novel

"Those familiar with Ms. Bowen's work won't find it surprising that's she's spun a story of historical fiction as both her Molly Murphy and Royal Spyness series draw from history. Nor would they be surprised to find characters so real you can touch them. They wouldn't be surprised to find a plot of intrigue held to the end, nor of a finale with cleanly written closure. They wouldn't be surprised that, in one reader's opinion, she's put herself in the running for book of the year. They'll pretty much get what they expect. I'm not much of a hero worshipping type but I'd crawl a mile through ground glass on my hands and knees to read her books. Thank you once again JQH!!!" -- Wayne

Best book I have ever listened to

Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart

"I have listened to so many audio books on the subject of peak performance, meta-cognition, meditation, and self-improvement. This book is by far the best. It not only delivers a excellent scientific based facts, but is also gives instructions on how to use these facts. All this information is wrapped in a very touching story of the author going from peasant to wise man. Great book!" -- Torkalis


Yellow Crocus

"I just love this book!! Tugs at the heart strings, makes you smile and laugh, and can make you angry. A wonderful roller coaster of emotions that makes you feel like you can't put the book down!! Highly recommend!! It makes you think about what it must have been like during that time." -- Gloria C.

Absolutely wonderful.

Born to Run

"This book, narrated by this man, has left me absolutely inspired. He is wonderful. His story is wonderful." -- Sarahsuperstarr


The Story of Human Language

"Long and comprehensive, but somehow never stops being interesting. It's a survey of the fundamental concepts that drive the study of language, but at no point does McWhorter forget to link a particular insight or example to the broader human experience it represents. The result is a window into maybe the most basic and defining human activity, from an expert who seems to love the act of teaching as much as he loves his fascinating and challenging subject. I loved it more than I ever expected to." -- Haviv

Just what I needed to take out my mind from the mud

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

"I had read this book two times already and it was an entirely different amazing experience each time. Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for sharing this valuable lessons with us. Truth be told, your voice was a great company while I was sculpting. I could recommend this book a thousand times for those who want to live their own creative lives without external and internal constraints." -- Alberto