Five-Star Faves

Honest and Real

I'm Just a Person

"What this book showed me was how it feels to walk in this one person's shoes. It wasn't heroic. It wasn't a cheerleading session to live life. There weren't even those moments where suspense reigned in a tough life-changing decision. I found it honest and naked - which aren't always beautiful things... and I desperately want them to be - especially when death is on the line. This is Tig's story as told around the campfire. She allowed me to come along - and I am grateful for the ride." -- Kristi

I could relate to everything!!!

Dad Is Fat

"This book is a must listen!! It's absolutely hilarious and true. Jim Gaffigan is truly genius in how he takes everyday life with kids and makes it into a captivating story. I laughed until I cried. I think I'm going to listen again." -- Gigi Katz

Terrifically Twisted

Geek Love

"From start to finish, this story is incredibly dynamic! You become so enthralled with the family and their interactions, you become less concerned with the extraordinary nature of their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and very much look forward to the movie!" -- Psuedo-Rosa

Listen to this book!

The Pecan Man

"I fully enjoyed reading this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good story, appealing characters, and surprising plot twists. Selleck's exploration of racial issues is sensitive astute, and very relevant for our current times. Bravo!" -- Lena Sclove

Book made nearly flawless by perfect narration

American Pastoral

"For some reason I've been putting off reading this book for years. I finally decided to listen to it instead. I am so glad I did. Ron Silver's narration is the best I have ever heard. He captures this story and the characters so well that you forget that you're listening to a book. Often, when professional actors narrate a book, I feel like I can hear them acting, if that makes any sense. But with this book, I was constantly getting so lost in the story. American pastoral is a classic for a reason, but with Ron Silver's narration, it is nearly flawless." -- Sunny Webb

What an adventure back in time. A new favorite.

The Forgotten Garden

"This book spans 3 generations. It captured me from the beginning and held me to the very last moment. Caroline Lee read so well. Her inflections took me to the scene. I was sorry it ended. Danger, love, loss, history, it is all there." -- Mary


Beside Myself

"Very engrossing, well read story; I couldn't stop listening. Heartbreaking sad in some parts. A testament to resilience." -- April


Flight Patterns

"I could not stop listening to this book! Karen White creates such great characters with all their flaws. She Slowly unravels the knots of their lives through believable actions and beautiful dialogue." -- Jan

Expectedly good


"I enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. The main characters were great. Reiner Kulti strong, silent and mysterious and nothing she expected. Sal was sweet, warm and a great player. Great and interesting book. 16 hrs flew by. The performance was great, I especially liked the German accent." -- Tanja TB

I highly recommend this Audiobook

How to Stop Procrastination & Get More Done in Less Time!

"I noticed that whenever I get a lot of work, I start to procrastinate because of all of the stress that comes along with it. It's so easy to stress out and think about all of the work that needs to get done. I decided to download this book in order to stop me from procrastinating on the things that I really need to get done. It's so easy to say that I will do it later and then nothing gets done. I loved the tips in this book. I loved the advice to take a break and clear my mind. This has really helped me to become more efficient and to get more done. I feel more motivated after reading this book and feel that I will be able to stop procrastinating and get my work done!" -- Caribbean Sea.