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Pleasantly surprised!!


"I was captured from the first word to the very last one!! I felt as if I were following along side with Scarlett (Crimson) throughout the entire game. I usually listen to psychological Thrillers and this fit that category in a very unique way because it was a fantasy/magical. So in my opinion this book is in a category of it's own: Psychological Thriller/Fantasy." -- Carmen

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Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win

"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the stories about what these heroes have gone through in the past and how they apply these experiences to corporate strategizing and helping individuals become better leaders... A must for all leaders!" -- Darryl A. Cox


Lucky Boy

"As a voracious reader for over 60 years, and a former foster child, I was interested in the premise of the story so I decided to listen. Turns out this was one of the best books I have ever read/listened to, and I'm sure I will listen/read it again and again though I never do that. I will also read/listen everything Sekaran has written and everything that Nankani and Ortega have narrated. This audiobook and its written version are a tribute to love and a gift to the listener/reader just when we need it most." -- Baycyd


What Doesn't Kill US: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude and Environmental Conditioning will Renew Our Lost Evolutionary Strength

"The structure of the storyline of this book made the point of how beneficial mastery of specific physical and mental techniques are to achieve a robust physical capacity without a major time commitment. I am convinced and perhaps seduced. Well done." -- Keith

Slow Start But Gets Very Good!

My Not So Perfect Life

"I love the quirky characters and definitely found the growth of all of the characters in the story endearing and humorous. It does get off to a slow start and I began to wonder if I was going to like the book at all, but our heroine certainly found her voice! Worth a credit for sure!" -- EQualityBooks

Didn't know syphilis could be so fascinating.

Get Well Soon

"This book was definitely worth the credit. I learned a lot of interesting facts that I hadn't been aware of before listening to this book. I had a pretty good grasp and was fairly well informed about some of these topics in this book but still managed to learn new things even from those. I like the way she managed to talk about these things in a somewhat lighthearted yet not irreverent way. Of course with the book being less than eight hours in length you were not going to get an in-depth study of any of the topics covered by the author.For most people though, I think this book would be very informative and quite adequate for someone who would just like to broaden their knowledge of these historical events. I actually did find the section about syphilis quite fascinating. Of course not the disease itself but some of the attempts at helping those individuals to try and live a more normal life.It is odd how some of these epidemics brought out the best in people and others, not so much. I think the narrator was perfect for this book as well. I have not listen to any of her narration before but thought that she was very good." -- Joyce Luther

Intricate At First--Then Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Lincoln in the Bardo

"You know how some authors are sooo annoying because they tell us what to feel rather than writing it and leaving us to look into our hearts to make our way? Lincoln in the Bardo is nothing if not showing rather than telling. I admit--it took me awhile to catch the rhythm of the writing; history is not written but is shown through quotes from numerous scholarly works. And then there's the fact that "the dead" aren't speaking, rather they communicate directly with you, the listener. This is a book about all of us wanting to share our stories, share our greatest grief. It's about wanting to be a part of something, something greater, more beautiful. It's about love being a weight; love being the only thing that'll set you free. Mostly there is the utterly heartbreaking performance by David Sedaris. Don't get me wrong; the cast is stunning (if you've ever seen a movie, watched TV, listened to an audiobook--those people are narrating!), but I was really moved by Mr. Sedaris. At the end of the book, there is a soft and lovely instrumental song: Listen to it. You'll really want to sit back, think about what you listened to, feel what's changed inside you..." -- Gillian

One of the Most Important Books Ever Written

Stealing Fire

"This book covers so many interesting areas of NOSC (Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness), that it's hard for me to sum up. Basically, if you have ANY INTEREST AT ALL in mood improvement, maximizing your brain's potential, or expanding your innate creativity, then this is the book for you! It is on the knife's edge of all the newest research and theories on creativity expansion and alternative states of consciousness. I mean, just the fact that the authors are able to convincingly show multiple similarities between Navy SEALs and Burning Man Hippies is enough to warrant reading this, right?! It never falls into the trap of becoming spiritual or religious, and approaches every assertion it makes with a scientist's fine eye for research. It's for people looking for FACTS, not faith. If you're a fan of Jason Silva, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, or Ben Carson (kidding about Carson), then you will absolutely LOVE this book! This book will change lives and lead to a better world if enough people read it." -- Aaron

Magical Family Classic

The Railway Children

"Though I stumbled upon this story recently, it affected me in a similar way as Frances Hodgson Burnett's beloved story "A Little Princess" did when I read it as a child and reread still. (Audible has an unabridged recording of that title also narrated equally wonderfully by Virginia Leishman.) It's a delightful story, beautifully and gently told in the time of British trains that will appeal to readers young and old." -- E. Jensen

Humans, The Imaginary Builders


"This book is more of a history of human psychology, physiology, biology, mental, religious, and morale. It does start with ancient homo sapiens but it is short. It discusses why we do things the way we do and what relation that has with ancient ancestors. Yuval makes some very interesting observations about homo sapiens and why slavery happened, why capitalism is so influential, why religion was important, and many other topics. This book can be long but I think that it has great information. Also, when Yuval offends you don't turn it off. He hits everything and everyone but his message is important." -- The Kindler