Five-Star Faves

Best Book This Year

Born a Crime

"Yes, I said it. The best book this year. Funny, poignant, historical, happy, and perfect. Yes, it is the story of Trevor, but it is so much more. It is the story of a place and a time that while I thought I understood, I didn't. It's just amazing that this is the story of a YOUNG man. How can this all have happened such a short time ago? Told with such wit and interest this is really the story of a woman who made her own way and taught her child to do the same. So enjoyable. The perfect book. " -- Pamela

Book hangover.

From Sand and Ash

"Heartbreaking, haunting, and unfortunately horrific...I expect nothing less from an Amy Harmon book. My emotions go on a rollercoaster ride with every story. I love history and there were so many details I didn't know about Italy in WWII. Eva and Angelo stole my heart. I hope to listen to this again. I now have another favorite narrator. Cassandra Campbell is amazing!! The story was brought to life by this brilliant narrator. Thank you Amy for writing such an incredible novel." -- Kelly

Beautifully written

Barbarian Days

"Such a beautifully painted picture in every scene. When the book was over I wanted to cry, just because being that immersed felt so good. It makes me want to more deeply commit to the one or two rewarding hobbies I have very inconsistently participated in in my life." -- Luke


The Hundred-Foot Journey

"I saw the movie when it came out and enjoyed it so I thought I'd give the book a try. This was so lushly written that you could nearly smell and taste everything. I loved the narrator he did a great job bringing everything to life." -- Felica

Ambrosia for the ears

Romeo and Juliet: A Novel

"David Hewson takes a popular story most widely known through Shakespeare, and creates a stand alone masterpiece full of refreshing and exquisite details that ensnares imagination and gives new perspective to a classic tale. The extremely gifted voice of Richard Armitage brings each character to life with unique and delightful intonation...ambrosia for the ears. A perfect gift for anyone." -- Amy

A must-read

Hillbilly Elegy

"Personal, eloquent, researched, and most of all, highly relevant for anyone seeking to appreciate a culture of millions in the United States that seems impenetrable to many." -- Ian

Excellent. Loved it!


"I loved everything about this well-written book and the narration was an ideal match. If you are searching for a creative, intelligent, enjoyable read, this is it. The first and last chapters were particularly exquisite--excepting the classics, rare is the modern novel that exhibits writing in such fine form. THIS is storytelling and narration at their best. Kudos to the author and narrator!" -- Sharey

A true keeper

Food: A Cultural Culinary History

"The lecturer is divine. He paints these pictures through out can almost taste the food he describes. This collection really opened my eyes to our history in cutlery and why we use mustard or why chopsticks were used. just fascinating. I will definitely be listening to this one many more times. A true delight." -- Steph

Great Autobiography

Scrappy Little Nobody

"I have never been able to finish a celebrity autobiography before. Midway through this book I realized that this was something that I would listen to several times over. Anna is brilliant and can effortlessly put herself in the mind of reader in a way that makes it seem like a real conversation. I enjoy that she gets right to the point and doesn't add any fluff to lengthen the story. This book never came off as self absorbed or fake, which is refreshing. All together it is worth a credit." -- Tyler

"Loved it!! couldn't put it down"


"I absolutely loved it!! I had trouble putting it down! I can't wait to watch it on PBS" -- Rachel