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I Liked My Life

"This novel held my interest throughout. The three narrators brought the book to life. It gives great insight into the struggle of grief and the resilience of the human spirit. Madellyn's spirit watching over her family and nudging them toward a happier life was such an inventive approach. Loved every minute of the story." -- Renee

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Great History of the Chief of Staff Position

The Gatekeepers

"The author goes chronologically from the Nixon Administration through the Obama administration summarizing the tenures of each of the chiefs. He has excellent access to the principals and described many of the highs and lows of the administrations and how those related to the roles of the CoS. He also has good information about the personalities of each of the chiefs and how that either helped them serve their presidents or got in the way. Extremely well researched and very interesting read, and each of his major points are generally well supported by interviews from those who were in the position." -- Loren

I really enjoyed listening to this title!

Solve for Happy

"This personal story was great, with a fresh, scientific perspective on what makes us happy and life rewarding. Well written and wonderfully narrated. One of the stories that makes you depressed when it's over since you just want Mo to keep sharing his thoughts and perspectives on life as we know it." -- P. Furler

Paisley Park is in Your Heart -- Sincere, Thoughtful & Heartfelt

The Most Beautiful

"I'm a 30+ year PRINCE fan, who has no issue with his friends and family now sharing their respective stories. I know PRINCE was private in life, but that does not mean others are not allowed to share their journey. We're now seeing a different side to PRINCE -- a more human side. And it does not take away from or diminish his musical legacy. The music, because it's so good, will always endure. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's well-written and well-read (with lots of emotion.) Truth be told, I cried at several points, given Mayte's own audible emotions. Clearly, this is a work of love -- only intended to honor PRINCE. It was extremely sincere, thoughtful and heartfelt. Even though PRINCE was a man of mystery, he was still a human being. The book helped me see another side of the musical icon and I'm grateful. His music may have been perfection, but he was flawed and conflicted just like the rest of us. Thank you, Mayte, for sharing your experience. I highly recommend the book for all fans, whether casual or die-hard. Unfortunately, sometimes it snows in April. I still deeply miss PRINCE. And the book proved to be cathartic for me, as I trust it will be for others." -- Bryan K. Chavez

Perfectly Perfect!

The Book of Polly

"A sweet, funny, genteel story of two strong southern women. The Book of Polly got the formula just right; one part eccentric characters, one part deep-dark secret and one part family devotion added up to the kind of fiction that makes readers continue to read. I will miss the characters with all my heart. The narrator could not have done a better job understanding the nuances of southern twangs and drawls without mocking or overdoing either. Bless her heart." -- Rebecca S.

Side effects may include switching cardiologists

An American Sickness

"A thoroughly researched and beautifully written analysis of the American health care system and why we pay so much more for so much less than any other industrialized nation. A must read for doctors and patients everywhere." -- W. Sherer

A must read for all managers, leaders and entrepreneurs

Radical Candor

"Addresses the problems of how to generate a culture of being candid. This commonsense approach along with the actionable "how to" is sorely needed in today's extremely over dramatic culture of political correctness. A field manual on how to navigate the rules and the relationships of your direct reports. A how-to guide in developing your entire workforce. Beyond that it was an interesting story that compares how radical candor can work in two extremely different organizational cultures. As in the do it now and then "ask for forgiveness" culture of Google and the precise and design "measure twice cut once" orientated culture of Apple. A must read." -- Terry K. Schmitt

Poetic tale of the adventures of being a refugee

Exit West

"The way this story was written, and narrated, was very very interesting and I thought a lot while listening, trying to put myself in their shoes and sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was hard because I've never been in some of the environments which these characters had to struggle through. I loved the continued prose and I imagine in the book the paragraphs are whole pages. The author did a lot of things right in this book but the relationship progression of (forgive me idk how their names are spelt) Saiid and Nadia was so real it hurt. Well done." -- ASerra27

Beautiful story with a skilled narrator!

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

"This story is unique, entertaining and moving. I loved all the characters! The relationship of magic and memory was really interesting and the book was meaningful with a message about sorrow and how sorrow can weaken you and fog your mind while hope and love make them strong! I found the book to be entertaining and uplifting and would highly recommend this book to anyone. I also loved the narrator; she does a great job withe the voices and expressions." -- Laura Glaeser

Great Book

Lost Gods

"This book starts a little slow and I wasn't sure about the narrator but gave him a chance... once you get used to his voice as Chet he really does a good job with the other characters. The book was very entertaining and I will definitely listen again." -- Tyler