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"I was the kid who always needed extra pages to fill out my summer reading log. I was the undergrad who geeked-out knowing that George Saunders was teaching right down the hall. And now I’m the lucky book nerd who gets to listen for a living to the best storytellers in the business."


"If it’s not abundantly clear from my picks, I’m all about sci-fi and fantasy. I blame my early diet of Bunnicula and The Phantom Tollbooth, which led me to books like Jurassic Park and A Game of Thrones. Sorry, but if you don’t have an overactive imagination, we can’t be friends."


"My favorite books are those that twist your insides up (in a good way!), blow your mind, make you cry, make you a missionary of their awesomeness, and stay with you forever. I love British classics, sci-fi, and YA literature with equal fervor. Creating my list for this sale felt a little like a (much) less tragic Sophie’s Choice. It could easily have been twice as long."


"The two constants in my life, the things I'm always searching for, are great stories and great laughs. I quoted Kerouac in my high school yearbook. My prized possession is my collection of David Foster Wallace books. I'm a fan of silly and absurd comedy."


"I’ve always been a book nerd. I even wrote my high school admissions essay about how I identified with both Scarlett O’Hara and Hermione Granger. For me, reading and listening is about escaping – I want to be transported, and live in the pages with the characters."


"Some books are better listened to (it’s just a fact). There’s a joy to finding the perfect blend of compelling story and brilliant performance. These are the books that make me jump into my Fiat each morning - looking forward to the 45-minute commute to work."


"I love reading! If a book grabs my attention, I’ll finish it within 36 hours. This was much easier to accomplish before the responsibilities of adulthood -- which is why my new best friend is Whispersync. I can now walk around NYC, continue my favorite stories, and not worry about bumping into anything."


"I fell in love with reading at an early age. Before binge-watching was a thing, I remember binge-reading the entire Hardy Boys series. Then the Chronicles of Narnia. Then I was hooked. I have to admit I didn’t start listening to audiobooks until I started here at Audible (Shhh, don’t tell anyone), but have since become addicted!"


"I’ll never forget my sixteenth birthday – I spent the day celebrating unlike most, reading J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye cover to cover. With that gateway story my world expanded to new writers I had yet to discover, and a strong theme of morality – regardless of genre – pulls me in to this day."


"Throughout my childhood, two things could be found on my shelves: books, which I devoured, and notebooks, wherein I tried to emulate my favorite stories. Nowadays, technology has saved some space on those shelves, but not much else has changed."