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The Books We're Most Excited About in September

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

"When a trusted colleague called Big Magic "the book Elizabeth Gilbert should have been writing all along," my ears perked up. Gilbert already has a cult following for her smash hit Eat, Pray, Love – could she really have struck gold twice? In short, yes. Gilbert won me over immediately with her conversational tone and blunt, honest advice. If you want to live a creative life, she says, just do it. Wholeheartedly, and without fear. You don’t need permission. You don’t have to quit your day job. If you truly love what you’re doing, you won’t care who sees it or if you make money off of it. You’re doing it for you, because you need it in your life. Exhilarating, engaging, and yes, magical, Big Magic is the type of book that you want to carry around with you all the time, as a reminder to be open to the world around you, and be your most authentic, creative self." -- Katie, Audible Editor

Fates and Furies

"Fates and Furies is poised to become Lauren Groff’s breakout novel, and rightfully so. It tells the story of a marriage that is the envy of many, but in alternating perspectives – performed by listener favorite Julia Whelan (Gone Girl, The Snow Queen) and Will Damron – reveals the secrets that the impossibly glamorous and seemingly perfect Lotto and Mathilde have each brought into the marriage. With so many great books out this month, it should have been hard to choose a favorite, but the power of Fates and Furies made this an easy call for me." -- Diana, Audible Editor

The Heart Goes Last

"After reading The Handmaid’s Tale, Oryx and Crake, and now The Heart Goes Last, I’m convinced – nobody does an absurd, and yet completely plausible dystopia like Margaret Atwood. Charmaine and her husband Stan are living out of their car when they sign up for The Positron Project – a company promising a home, employment, and peace of mind for a price: every other month, residents of their town, called Consilience, must voluntarily check themselves in as inmates in prison. As disquieting as it is wickedly funny, The Heart Goes Last is a witty commentary on marriage, passion, and greed. I might even recommend it as a great first listen for those looking to discover this legendary author. Narration from Mark Deakins and Cassandra Campbell is sure to make this dual perspective novel a delight to listen to." -- Sam, Audible Editor

After You

"After You is the sequel I was praying for, but never really thought was going to happen. Jojo Moye’s breakout hit Me Before You was a heart wrenching story of hopeless love that haunted me for months after I finished listening to it. While After You is quite different in structure (there’s really only one perspective here, not multiple), and tone (I’ll go as far as to say this one isn’t quite as devastating), I was just so grateful to get to revisit these characters I loved so much." -- Emily, Audible Editor

Dawn of the Dead

"I knew that Dawn of the Dead, the novel based on the classic film, had to be my pick this month. George A. Romero's Living Dead films, aside from single-handedly inventing the Zombie genre and prompting the undead craze we have today, were earth-shattering for me. Not only did I enjoy the post-apocalyptic, survival aspect of a civilization gone completely to hell, but I loved how it commented on deeper societal issues and revealed how humans could be just as cruel and destructive as flesh-eating monsters. Dawn of the Dead is no exception. And here, stripped down and narrated by the amazing Jonathan Davis, Romero's gripping story, much like the undead, comes alive yet again." -- Doug, Audible Editor

Brain Storms: The Race to Unlock the Mysteries of Parkinson's Disease

"From the get-go, I knew Brain Storms was going to be a fascinating story. Part investigation and part memoir, journalist Jon Palfreman incorporates medical research and interviews with patients and doctors into a captivating biography of Parkinson’s. Recently diagnosed with the disease, Palfreman brings a personal and emotional element rarely witnessed in a book such as this. Brain Storms not only highlights the medical strides made in the field of neurodegenerative disorders, but also charts the vast setbacks researchers used to, and still do face. With so few books tackling Parkinson’s, this book is a much needed addition to any nonfiction fan’s library." -- Laura, Audible Editor