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The Books We're Most Excited About in April


"The Girl With All the Gifts ranks among the top 5 sci-fi books I’ve listened to, so needless to say, I walked into M.R. Carey’s latest novel with high expectations. I think it's now safe to up my bet and say that Carey is now among my favorite authors in the genre. Fellside is definitely much different than The Girl With All the Gifts - it’s more horror than sci-fi – a ghost story that takes place in a prison. But both books share many of the same elements: a compulsive, un-guessable mystery, a chilling setting, and multi-dimensional characters. Best of all, although this isn't a sequel, the magnificent Finty Williams is back as narrator. Her gentle, measured voice the perfect match for the author's unique brand of horror. Do yourself a favor and go into this one, like the last, knowing as little as possible." -Sam, Audible Editor

The Sleep Revolution

"I'm the type of person who sets three alarms and hits "snooze" as each one goes off in the morning, so to say that I appreciate a good slumber is an understatement. When I heard Arianna Huffington was writing a book about the importance of sleep, and how the cultural disregard for sleep in the United States has had deleterious effects on everything from our productivity to health, I was all ears. I'm a huge fan of Huffington's book Thrive and its call to redefine "success" in life, and I'm excited to see what new information and insight she brings to the grossly undervalued, but mammalian necessity of sleep." -Laura, Audible Editor

Jane Eyre

"Jane Eyre is probably the book I’ve read the most times in my life. Though in full disclosure a handful of the re-reads were for English papers over the years, this classic and moodily dark romantic coming-of-age novel always seemed ready with a new insight to offer me as I was growing up. (And fun fact: I even included a passage from it in my wedding service!) Yet despite the number of times I’ve returned to Jane Eyre, I had never listened to it, and I’m so glad that I waited for this absolutely stunning performance. From her performance, it was obvious to me that Thandie Newton connects personally with the text, and the love and care she took with it elevated the experience for me." -Emily, Audible Editor

Republic of Spin

"I wouldn’t describe myself as someone who is hugely knowledgeable of political history or politics, in general – I hold an amount of built-in cynicism around the whole endeavor that I’m trying hard to overcome – but given the ubiquitous nature of America’s current presidential race and its oftentimes bizarre, "what-is-happening" moments, I found myself searching for how we got here. Greenberg’s book gives a fair, unbiased look at just that: how past presidents, from Teddy Roosevelt to Barack Obama, attempted to sell themselves through image making and message crafting. It’s a fascinating and enlightening listen, especially as we try to decipher which of today’s candidates seem a little too primped (à la Harry Truman, whose benefited from a radio exec’s coaching) or too "off-the-cuff" (à la Nixon, whose attempt to appear authentic resulted in the exact opposite)" -Doug, Audible Editor


"As a Jane Austen fanatic, I have indulged in many an Austen spin-off as modern authors attempt to recapture the enduring magic of her characters. Curtis Sittenfeld has managed to accomplish what few others have in Eligible: she has taken the beloved bones of Pride and Prejudice, while creating a truly fresh and enjoyable story in its own right. Liz Bennet is in her late 30s working and living in NYC with her sister, Jane. Their worlds are turned upside when they have to move home to Cincinnati after their father suffers a heart attack. Their family home is falling apart, their sisters are leeches, and their love lives are thrown into disarray when they meet Chip Bingley and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Witty, fun, and full of personality, Eligible is pure entertainment for Austen and Sittenfeld fans alike." -Katie, Audible Editor


"I have nothing in common with East, the main character in Bill Beverley's debut novel, Dodgers. Despite this, and despite his less-than-honorable position as a L.A. gang member, I became wholly a part of his journey and completely invested in what happens to him. When things go wrong after a police raid and a young girl is shot, East and three other boys (all under 20) are sent across country as part of a hit squad on a judge who is hiding out in Wisconsin. What ensues is a road trip and a coming-of-age story full of missteps and first times. East sees that the world is much bigger than what he's seen of it so far, the criminal life is not inevitable, and he finds himself at the crossroads where a different adult future may be possible." -Tricia, Audible Editor